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Excellence in Research for Australia

The Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation exercise led by the Australian Research Council (ARC), assesses the quality of research conducted by Australia's higher education institutions. Research quality is evaluated against a combination of indicators together with expert review by committees comprising experienced, internationally-recognized experts.

Research Services, under the direction the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and other research leaders at the University, is responsible for the preparation of the University of Canberra's ERA submission.

The University of Canberra continues to grow in strength as a research-led institution with an increasing number of areas of research being rated as world-leading in ERA 2015. The University's performance in environmental sciences was rated well above world standard, particularly in the fields of ecological applications and environmental sciences and management. Above world standard ratings were also achieved in the fields of genetics, human movement and sport science, nursing, public health and health services.

Our areas of research strength and their ERA 2015 ratings are tabulated below. A rating of 3 indicates the quality of research was assessed as being of world standard, 4 above world standard and 5 well above world standard.

Disciplines/Fields of Research Rating
Environmental Sciences 5
Ecological Applications 5
Environmental Science and Management 5
Genetics 4
Medical and Health Sciences 3
Human Movement and Sports Science 4
Public Health and Health Services 4
Nursing 4
Information and Computing Sciences 3
Information Systems 3
Education 3
Specialist Studies in Education 3
Studies in Human Society 3
Policy and Administration 3
Political Science 3
Law and Legal Studies 3
Law 3
Studies in Creative Arts and Writing 3
Performing Arts and Creative Writing 3
Language, Communication and Culture 3
Communication and Media Studies 3

Ratings Key

(5) - Well above world standard

(4) - Above world standard

(3) - World standard