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3 Minute Thesis Previous Results

2016 Results

The University of Canberra 2016 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) winner was Gregory Mowle, who delivered a thought-provoking and humourous presentation titled What can Charles Dickens teach us about financial literacy? He took home the prize of $2,000 and entry to the Asia-Pacific 3MT Final. 

Second place and a $1,000 research grant was awarded to Sean Dicks for his presentation, The bereavement experiences of families of potential organ donors, which struck a chord with the audience as an emotional, but important area of research.

Past winner, Hayley Teasdale took out the People's Choice prize of $500 for her presentation, Parkinson's and the plastic brain.  She added to her prize pool by also taking out third place from the judges, and picking up a $100 gift voucher.

The 2016 University of Canberra 3MT Competition Final was held at the University's Ann Harding Conference Centre, on 6 September, with 16 finalists competing in front of an audience of more than 100 people.

2015 Results

The 2015 University of Canberra 3MT Competition Final was held at the CBR Innovation Network, on 8 September.

Hayley Teasdale from the Faculty of Health won the competition delivering a 3MT presentation titled 'Finding Your Feet- A New Way to Train a Brain with Parkinson's Disease'.

Catherine McMaster, also representing the Faculty of Health placed second with her presentation "Knee Health: osteoarthritis and ageing – a moving tale of the femur and tibia'.

2014 Results

Max Halupka from the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) whose 3MT title was 'The emergence of the Information Activist'.

Max Halupka
Academia is a competitive industry, and the 3MT seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase my research. I entered the competition to standout, to be noticed and solidify myself as a young researcher to watch out for. The 3MT, it has helped me to better understand my own work. Condensing 3 years' worth of research into 3 minutes forces you to hold a magnifying glass up to your work, and finely comb through it, picking out the most important contributions and findings. At the end of it all, you really do have a better understanding of what it is you are doing, and how to best explain that to other people. The 3MT helps to define you as a researcher; it cements you as an academic who not only has a firm understanding of the broader application of their work, but also of their own capacity to convey it to a non-specialist audience. And that is invaluable. The 3MT hoists you up among a sea of researchers, and gives you the perfect platform to let the world know how awesome your research is.

-Max Halupka, Winner, 2014 UC 3MT

Runner up 2014 Courtney McGowan

Courtney McGowan from the Faculty of Health with the 3MT title: 'Hot Swimmers are Fast Swimmers'.

I thoroughly enjoyed the UC 3MT competition in 2014. I entered the competition as a way to practice my communication skills and to meet other research students. I attended both 3MT workshops associated with the 2014 competition where I learnt how to make my presentation more concise as well as how to make my research appeal to the wider research community. The 3MT competition was a great experience for myself and I would encourage all research students to participate in future events.

- Courtney McGowan, Runner Up, 2014 UC 3MT

People's Choice 2014

Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan from the Faculty of Business, Government and Law with the 3MT title: 'Australia and Thailand as strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific?'

2013 Results

UC's 2013 Winner

2013 UC 3MT finals winner was Adrian Dusting from the IAE who presented 'Attack of the clones: the adaptive capacity of an asexual invader'.

Adrian Dusting 2013I entered the 3MT competition because I believe in the importance of effective communication of research. Postgraduate students often enter into research because they're passionate about a topic...However, as our research develops we become specialists, burrowing deeper into the specifics of our subjects. The 3MT allows students to step back, consider their project in a broader context and think about its relevance to the wider community. The more effectively we can communicate our research and its applications, the more valuable a contribution we will be making. The 3MT is a fantastic tool to assist research students to do just this.

- Adrian Dusting, Winner, 2013 UC 3MT

UC's 2013 Peoples ChoiceThosaphon Chieocharnpraphan

Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan from the Faculty of Business, Government & Law presenting 'Australia and Thailand: strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific'.

No matter how great your research is, it is no use at all if you cannot communicate it to the general public effectively. The Three-Minute Thesis Competition is an answer to this conundrum.

- Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan, People's Choice, 2013 UC 3MT

Runner-Up award 2013

Megan Jackson from the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths who presented 'Keeping Connected'.

3MT Megan Jackson

I entered the 3MT competition in 2012,  I was indeed able to summarise my work into a 3 minute presentation, and came out of the competition with a much more concise understanding of my research.

In 2013 I entered again.  This is because I am now finalising my research proposal and thanks to the learning from last year, my research is focused rather differently from its original starting point.  I enjoyed the learning associated with giving an engaging presentation in 2012, and I suspected that furthering that learning would have benefits both in terms of my lecturing role and possibly even a prize in the competition.  While I can't yet comment on the impact on my lecturing, I was very excited to place 2nd in the 2013 competition.

I strongly recommend participation in the 3MT competition to any and all UC HDR students at any stage of their candidature.  It will provide you with a much broader understanding of some of the fascinating research happening at UC, as well as give you a unique learning opportunity to better understand both your research and
yourself.  Good luck for next year everyone!

- Megan Jackson, Runner up, 2013 UC 3MT