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At the University of Canberra we are committed to developing high quality research in the area of governance, including public policy, economic modelling and security. Our research strives to improve governance across the public, private and community sectors, whether to deepen theory, advance knowledge or improve practice. 
Our networks bring together leading scholars and practitioners across disciplines. Our aim is to address challenges from a variety of perspectives and unite expertise from:
  • Applied Economics
  • Political Sciences
  • Law
  • Commerce.

Research Institutes

The University of Canberra's unique approach to governance is focussed on intensive work in our research Institute:

Our partnerships

We work closely with some of the most powerful and influential institutions and organisations, combining theoretical rigour with practice to achieve real world advances. Our partners include:

  • Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF).
  • ACT Government
  • Australasian Institute of Justice Administration
  • Australian National Audit Office
  • European Union
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • National Water Commission
  • West Asia and North African Forum
  • World Bank.

Feature projects

Take a look at some of our innovative research projects.

Meet our leading researchers

For more detail about our groundbreaking work, be in touch with our Institute fellows and academic staff.