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Education and training play a key role in shaping the skills and knowledge of the economy as well as creating social cohesion in the face of change. Our research engages with contemporary challenges of professional practice in education from early childhood and schools to tertiary education and workplace learning.

Our innovative research includes projects related on:

  • enhancement of school teaching
  • teacher education
  • educational policy
  • tertiary teaching and learning
  • community education.

UC also reaches beyond Australia, with our researchers helping rural communities in developing countries such as Pakistan, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea apply practical education to advance their agricultural production and marketing, through the use of community engagement, technology and communication skills.

Research Centres

UC explores the challenges posed by contemporary education by providing a home to:

Our Partnerships

UC works closely with leading education institutions such as:

  • The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
  • ACT Government
  • ACT Education and Training Directorate
  • Ian Potter Foundation
  • NSW Environment Trust
  • Education Services Australia.

Feature Projects

Some of our groundbreaking work in educational theory and practice includes:

Connecting communities

A University of Canberra team led by Professor John Spriggs and Professor Barbara Chambers is working with ACIAR to help develop dairy, mango and citrus production and marketing in Pakistan.

Augmented reality

This collaborative project aims to develop effective uses of augmented reality in an educational context, together with tools for mapping its uptake and evaluating its effectiveness.

Enhancing learning in cultural institutions

A University of Canberra led project to guide the application of technology interaction in informal learning environments, such as galleries or museums, has won a prestigious research grant.

Meet our Leading Researchers

For more detail about UC's exciting work in Education, please contact:

Prof Louise Watson
Director, The Education Institute
Research interests: education; educational policy; lifelong learning.
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T: +61 2 6201 5357

Prof Robert Fitzgerald
Associate Dean (Innovation), Faculty of Education
Research interests: computer-based learning; mobile learning; augmented reality.
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T: +61 417 023 539

Prof Barbara Pamphilon
Associate Dean (Engagement), Faculty of Education
Research interests: community engagement; community development; collaborative approaches with developing countries.
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T: +61 2 6201 2323

Prof Moosung Lee
Centenary Research Professor, Faculty of Education
Research interests: Leadership, learning and development; achievement gaps and education for socio-economically disadvantaged groups.
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T: +61 2 6201 2583

Prof Thomas Lowrie
Centenary Research Professor Faculty of Education
Research interests: learning and education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
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T: +61 2 6201 2568