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UC is making a strong mark across all aspects of Communication, with core strengths in creative writing and cultural heritage, news and digital media, as well as the technology that supports digital communication in the information age. We are exploring a wide range of research, from understanding creative excellence to looking at how social and health issues are reported in traditional and digital media to the impact of networked technology systems on communication and productivity.

Research Centres

UC is broadening our understanding of all aspects of communication through its focused research centres:

Our Partnerships

UC's Communication projects collaborate with a diverse range of institutions, including the:

  • Gallery of Australian Design
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • National Archives of Austalia
  • National Museum of Australia.
  • Black Dog Institute
  • UNSW
  • QIMR
  • ANU
  • U Pittsburgh
  • Imperial College London
  • IBM
  • Australian Research Council
  • Department of Employment
  • Georgia State University
  • Monash University
  • Stanford University
  • Queensland University.

Feature Projects

UC is pursuing a diverse range of projects across the field of Communication, including:

Exploring interfaces with the NGA

This project, known as 'Explore" allows users to discover the National Gallery of Australia's collection of Australian Prints + Printmaking by using three new interfaces.

These experimental web interfaces allow visitors to engage in a process of open ended exploration. It is hoped that this process of visual exploration provides an appreciation of the size and diversity of the collection while encouraging users to make new discoveries within it. Read more

Studying poetry creative processes

Writing professor Jen Webb and her team received a $215,000 Discovery grant from the Australian Research Council to explore ways of encouraging creativity through studying poetry creative processes. Read more

The Media and Indigenous Policy

This project explores the relationships between journalism and Indigenous policy making in Australia from 1988 to 2008. The researchers investigated the media representation of Indigenous health, education and communication, and the development of Indigenous policies over a 20-year period. Read more

Unmasking depression

This strongly interdisiplinary project will develop advanced multimodal affective sensing technology to study affect in facial expressions and speech, and evaluate it on the example of developing the first automated, objective measure of depressive disorders.

Location based technologies for learning

A group of researchers led by Professor Byron Keating has been awarded a $225,000 linkage project grant from the Australian Research Council to investigate how location-based technologies can enhance learning in cultural institutions. Read more

Multi-level alignment in public sector IT

A team of researchers led by professor John Campbell and Byron Keating has received a $290,000 Linkage Project grant to explore how IT systems can better support the delivery of employment services to people looking for jobs. Read more