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Developing Research Theme: Sport Integrity

Reflecting a growing global interest in sport integrity, UC has taken a leading role in developing its teaching and research in this important focus area. First in anti-doping and then in broader anti-corruption and sport integrity issues, this developing theme has fostered external partnerships, innovative course content and assessment, industry-leading guest lecturers and cutting-edge higher degree research (HDR) projects across UC Faculties and Disciplines.

From 2012, UC developed a Crime & Sport Research Group, and held a seminar where presentations included: “Threats to Sporting Integrity: doping, match-fixing and corruption”.

Current Sport Integrity Projects:

  • Ordway, C. (ed) Restoring Trust in Sport: Corruption Cases and Solutions, Textbook, Publisher Routledge [2020] (under review): 14 book chapters contributed by 24 authors from 10 countries, including (co)authoring 5 chapters:
    • Restoring Trust in Sport: Corruption Cases and Solutions – Dr R Lucas & Dr C Ordway
    • The Use of Discretion in Anti-Doping Cases involving Non-Elite Athletes: XYZ in NZ - V Jamieson & Dr C Ordway
    • Dominance or Deceit in Professional Cycling: The Perceived Reality of Team Sky – Dr S Roberts & Dr C Ordway
    • Could conditional retirement funds restore trust following the Tandy match-fixing case in rugby league? - Dr C Ordway& Dr L Lenten
    • Restoring Trust in Sport: Lessons Learnt - Dr C Ordway
  • UC Faculty of Health 2020 Seed Funding Grant: “Mapping the components of local sport integrity system(s): ACT Pilot” conducted by Dr Ordway (UC); Dr Lisa Kihl (USA) and Dr Adam Masters (ANU).  It is intended that this ACT Pilot should be replicated throughout Australia.  Sport Integrity Australia is a referee to the Pilot application.  This methodology and results can be rolled out nationally and internationally comparing different elements of the sport eco-system, including professional leagues and grass roots clubs.
  • PhD student supervision by Dr Ordway: Georgia Briggs, Sports Stars, Integrity And The Law: How National Rugby League (NRL) Players Are Dealt With & Managed Within The Australian Legal System?, Law PhD Thesis
  • PhD student supervision by Dr Ordway (applicant): Damien Parry, The inclusion fairness dichotomy: Understanding the tension between inclusion and fairness within sport, Sport Management PhD by Publication
  • Law Honours student supervision by Dr Ordway: How should State Policing legislation be amended to allow for information sharing with the newly created Sport Integrity Australia? (12,000 words)
  • Law & Research Project students (5,000 words) supervision by Dr Ordway:
  • Is Tennis Australia’s match-fixing policy strong enough?
  • How can the potential sports integrity risk of the esports industry be effectively regulated in Australia?

Past Sport Integrity Projects:

Dr Kath Hall (ANU), Dr Adam Masters (ANU) and Dr Catherine Ordway (UC) conducted a research project in 2019-20 for the Sport Integrity Taskforce, National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU), [now Sport Integrity Australia], Australian Government Department of Health. The Report Sport Integrity and Corruption: Best Practice Australian and International Policy & Program Delivery Approaches was delivered to NISU in February 2020 and accepted by the Sport Integrity Steering Committee in March 2020.

Dr Ordway supervised Law Honours students on the following sport integrity topics:

  • Standing Down Athletes Facing Criminal Charges: An Examination of the NRL’s ‘No-fault Stand Down’ Policy
  • Athlete XYZ: How should the World Anti-Doping Code apply to the recreational athlete?
  • Does the Australian Football League (‘AFL’) owe a Special Duty of Care towards its professional athletes? - A legal headache
  • What does Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) and enhanced anti-doping capabilities mean for athletes and the privilege of self-incrimination?


Anti-doping regulation has been taught in a range of units including Contemporary Issues in Sport, Sports Law, Sports Medicine, Sports Governance & Policy, Strategic Sports Management and Business, Politics and Sport.  This work was developed into a core unit for the Master of High Performance, Performance Integrity.  In this unit, students reviewed governance and legislative frameworks nationally and internationally, including: the World Anti-Doping Program, ethical standards, anti-match-fixing and anti-corruption strategies.  Students were required to develop solutions to lower the risk to sport through integrity threats.  This unit provided students with a critical understanding of what is meant by “integrity” in sport and how sports are attempting to minimise those threats.  From as early as 1990, representatives of the Australian Sport Drug Agency and then from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) have provided guest lectures on arrange of topics from the new ethics and values-based approach to anti-doping to the results management process. UC was the world first university to pilot the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Anti-Doping Textbook in 2014.

Sport integrity is currently taught through the new 3rd year sport management unit, Leadership in Sport, including guest lectures from Sport Integrity Australia representatives on ‘Risk management and threats to the integrity of sport’.  The Sport & the Law unit for 2nd year sport management students has been revamped for 2020 to become Sports Integrity, Ethics and Law with the by-line “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!”.  A Personal & Professional Values & Ethics module is also taught in the clinical health context through the unit Research & Professional Practice.