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Research Students

UCRISE is proud of the many University of Canberra PhD students that study through the institute, contributing to the our distinguished research output.

UCRISE student and researcher

See below a list of current and graduated students.

  • Fahad Alfarraj - Risk Assessment and Predictive Measures Associated with The Most Prevalent Injuries in Male Professional Soccer Players
  • Andrea Baker - Influence of heat therapy on neuromuscular function, proprioception and balance
  • Udana Bandara - The relationship between mechanical stiffness and ball release speed in cricket fast bowling
  • Heidi Bochenek - Can exercise modulate immune function in those with Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer?
  • Craig Bolger - Evaluating physical demands of women's rugby union
  • Riley Brassington - Talent identification, anthropometryand performance analytics in NRLW and NRL
  • Felicity Bright - The thermophysiology of self-paced exercise
  • Harry Brown - Seasonal Heat Acclimatisation: From Youth to Adulthood
  • Claire Buechel -  Nutritional approaches to support refeeding post chronic energy restriction in athletes
  • Jerushah Bull - Energy, Power and Foot Spring - a fast pace running study
  • Shaun Cameron - SabeRLmetrics: A Quantitative Approach to Valuing Rugby League Players Based on Their Contribution to Team Success
  • Murray Campbell - To evaluate the effectiveness of education/ethics programs on elite athletes
  • Rebecca Cesnik - Evaluating and increasing physical activity levels in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Sara Chica Latorre - Exploring inflammation along the menstrual cycle in female athletes
  • Carmen Colomer - A systems approach to analysing tactical behaviour and player load in competition
  • Melissa Crunkhorn - Evaluation of the current health of Australian triathletes to optimise health and availability
  • Benjamin Currie - Performance Health in Australian Diving Athletes: Optimising Injury Prevention and Health Systems and Practices
  • Louise Drysdale - Investigation of risk factors for bone stress injury in pre-professional and professional ballet dancers, incorporating subsequent injury modelling.
  • Josh Elliot - Optimising heat acclimation in elite athletes across the national institute network
  • Byron Field -  The use of instrumented mouthguard technology to quantify head injury in Professional Rugby Union.
  • Alison Fitch -Optimisation of Athlete Health and Performance Progression in Australian Diving Athletes
  • Sheila Galloway - An evaluation of the response readiness of the national, state and community level sport organisations
  • Sara Guevara - Investigating factors that affect athlete attrition on the high performance pathway: A complex systems approach
  • Tristan Hedger - How Commanders and Leaders make population health decisions to achieve performance outcomes
  • Kylie Holt - Pathoanatomy of an elite swimmer's shoulder
  • Annabel Horsburgh - Relationship between interoception and pain
  • Kevin John - Influence of post-exercise hot water immersion heat acclimation on endurance and neuromuscular performance in female athletes
  • Erin Kelly - Maximal strength training as an intervention to improve the mental health and well-being of survivors of intimate partner violence
  • Lachlan Kerin - Performance, profiling and tapering elite female swimmers
  • Nic Lawlis - Physical activity for cognitive performance in young onset dementia
  • Aidan Lewis - The Effects of tDCS on Performance: The Role of The Blood Brain Barrier
  • Genevieve Lim - Understanding sports capacity to mitigate and respond to integrity threats
  • Cody Lindsay - Conventional swing bowling in Australian cricket: understanding key technical aspects
  • Felicity Lord - A complex, dynamic system called field hockey; unravelling the complexities through performance analysis
  • Stephen MacGabhan - Optimising talent identification: integrating coach ratings, psychometrics and perceptual neuroscience
  • Billy Mason - The use of acute exercise interventions as strategies to improve athlete readiness and physical performance in team sport athletes
  • Vicki McCarthy - Cognition and cerebral blood flow changes during simultaneous engagement in cognitive tasks and exercise
  • Keely McDicken - The effect of exercise and a simultaneous cognitive task on cerebral blood flow and cognitive function
  • Peter McDonald - The influence of environmental characteristics on heat acclimation adaptions
  • Ashleigh McGill - Ankle somatosensation in novel environments: a simulation of Moon and Mars gravity
  • Alexander McKenzie - Supporting mental health through community sport in intersectional and racialized groups
  • Jack Mest - Tendon injuries and the somatosensory issues
  • Mathew Mooney - Elite athlete availability: a public health approach into outbreak investigation and management of infectious disease in elite athletes
  • Charles Mountifield - Beyond the sausage sizzle: advocacy, public policy and the sustainability of community sport
  • Melissa Muzeau - The brain KPI's : Profiling and monitoring toward a new game changer for performance optimisation and mental health
  • Chris Myers - Pelvic floor dysfunction in the exercising male
  • Annaleise Naylor - Understanding and implementing physical literacy in adults aged 18
  • Simone O'Neill - A low FODMAP diet and exercise as a viable adjunctive treatment for depression in otherwise healthy individuals
  • Isobel Oon - Assessment of alignment strategies in total knee replacements
  • Damien Parry - The inclusion fairness dichotomy: understanding the tension between inclusion and fairness within sport
  • Hannah Pegg - Sports most likely to be impacted by climate change and potential solutions to lessen or prevent the impact.
  • Michael Pengelly - The effect of iron deficiency on sport specific performance among female athletes and supplementation to mitigate the consequences experienced from deficiencies
  • Alanah Pike - Examining the effect of physical activity on quality of life and cognitive function for breast cancer survivors
  • Ceridwen Radcliffe - The influence of the foot spring on patellar tendon load during landing
  • Margot Rogers - Uncoupling exposure from disease: improving epidemiological rigour in the study of low energy availability and its translation to practice in elite female athletes
  • Travis Ronaldson - Nutrition and mental fatigue in team sports
  • Richard Saw - Imaging (MRI) lumbar spine bone stress: interpretation, methods, and injury prevention
  • Amanda Scott - Evaluation of changes in cognitive performance during and after physical and environmental strain
  • HollieSpeer - Molecular mechanisms of hypertension in ageing: telomere length and skeletal muscle reactive oxygen and nitrogen species production
  • Trevor Spencer - Gluteal tendon tear presentations, treatments and outcomes
  • Stirling Sharpe - Officiating role identity and recruitment in community sport
  • Michael Sydney - Quantifying the workloads of elite youth soccer players in training and matches
  • Daniel Tait - The role of the foot and ankle in landing biomechanics associated with non-contact ACL injury
  • Thomas Topham - Thermoregulatory responses to exercise-heat stress in children and adults
  • Constantino Toufexis - The effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on episodic future thinking
  • Matthew Turnbull - Health, performance and the financial cost in professional Australian Football League
  • Richard Vaughan - Athlete experience in anti-doping systems
  • Rachel Venn - Stress response and metabolic systems in children living in military and first responder families
  • James Wallace - Neck pain in high performance jet aircrew
  • Josh Waugh - Promoting health and performance in elite and youth female football players
  • James White - Exploration of the drivers of engagement and disengagement
  • Clare Quinlan - Physical activity and cognitive function in middle-aged adults
  • Erin Smyth –Development and application of holistic injury prevention strategies in pre-elite sport: Implementation in Australian netball
  • Wayne Haynes - Physical and cognitive cerformance in pre-adolescent children: relationships to orientation and alignment to gravitational vertical
  • Alice Wallett - The Effect of exercise and heat stress on indirect blood markers of gastrointestinal damage in well-trained populations
  • Kathryn Speer – Heart rate variability to track autonomic nervous system health in young children: effects of physical activity and cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Kathleen Miles - Sleep in female athletes: exploring risk factors for disturbance and implications for recovery
  • Alexandra Lascu - The perceptions and practices of talent development for female cricketers: a skill acquisition perspective
  • Emily Partridge - Acute pre-exercise partial-body cryotherapy exposure to enhance physical performance
  • Peta Maloney – Thermoregulation in athletes with a spinal cord injury
  • Rhiannon Campbell – Taking the guesswork out of managing training load in gymnastics – using inertial measurement units to develop a load catalogue for men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics
  • Umut Dogan – Personal Protective Qualities in Sport: Tackling Conceptual Matters, Developing and Evaluating a Profile to Assess, and a Smartphone App to Enhance Psychological Strategies
  • Mark Stokes – Are Intrinsic Factors Useful in Predicting Risk of Injury and Performance in Field Hockey

  • Katie McGibbon – Achieving marginal gains: perfecting the pacing strategies of Australian swimmers
  • Nan Yang – Ankle Proprioception: Laterality, Measurement, Age and Physical Activity
  • Kellie Toohey – Effects of Exercise on Health Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Cancer Survivors
  • Avish Pal Sharma – Optimising training prescription and periodisation during altitude training in elite runners
  • Andrea Hams (Miller) – Intrinsic athlete characteristics as predictors of shoulder injury and throwing performance in water polo
  • Emily Lewis – Adherence to lifestyle intervention in adults with obesity
  • Kirsten Everett – Understanding the time course effects of neuromuscular fatigue from anaerobic exercise: Implications for periodisation and performance
  • Paul Perkins – Can a modified low-risk form of boxing achieve significant community uptake?
  • Robin Poke – A Narrative History of Australian Rowing, 1770 - 2016
  • Finn Marsland – Macro-kinematic performance analysis in cross-country skiing using micro-sensors
  • Lachlan Mitchell – Anaerobic assessment and training monitoring in elite swimmers
  • Joseph Northey – The Ageing Brain: Investigating the Role of Physical Activity Dose on Neurocognitive Health
  • Kym Williams – The Optimal Load to Maximise System Power During a Countermovement Jump
  • Andrew Flood – Examining the relationship between endogenous pain modulation and exercise
  • Tim McGrath – Measurement of function in an ecological study of autograft (2ST/2GR) and synthetic (LARS) ACL reconstruction
  • Kristy Martin – The impact of mental fatigue on physiological, psychological and performance variables during exercise
  • Amy Woods – Effects of endurance training interventions on resting metabolic rate, body composition and performance in highly trained athletes
  • Adam Hewitt – Performance Analysis in Soccer: Applications of Player Tracking Technology
  • Jocelyn Mara – The Physical and Physiological Characteristics of Elite Female Soccer Players
  • Ronald Smith – An Investigation into Goal-Scoring in Professional Association Football
  • Courtney McGowan – Competition Day Preparation Strategies to Enhance Performance in Swimmers
  • Phillip Newman – Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
  • Anthea Clarke – Improving the Physical Preparation and Development of Women's Rugby Sevens Players
  • Anthony Walker – Maximising the safety and performance of Australian urban firefighters working in the heat
  • Luke Gallagher – Application of video-based technologies in assessing athletic development
  • Rachel Gale – Short-term heat training to enhance physical performance of team sport athletes
  • Steven Bingley – The application of popular body weight exercise in a combat sport population
  • Damian Raper – Relative loads during running and its application to the rehabilitation of athletes
  • Jamie Youngson – Moving from Multidisciplinary to Interdisciplinary Support Teams in High Performance Sport: from a Strength and Conditioning Perspective
  • Jan Legg – Physiological profile and variability of jump kinetics in national level female basketball players
  • John Mitchell – Strength and lower body power in international rugby sevens players: Seasonal variations and the effects of travel