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Research Themes

UCRISE research is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature as it combines experts in all facets of sport including physiology, psychology, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, coaching science, performance analysis, performance nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, industrial design, data and mathematical modelling and statistics, graphic and visual design, computer engineering as well as sport management, ethics, law and governance.

High Performance Sport and Exercise

The University of Canberra (UC) Sport Strategy & Implementation Plan 2021 – 2026, launched on 16 June 2021, set out the vision for UC to be Australia’s leading sport university.  The intention is that UC should be known for a focus on Women in Sport and Sports Integrity.

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Sport and Exercise Medicine

Members of the Sport and Exercise Medicine research group work closely with staff involved in injury prevention and athlete availability programs across Australia’s National Sports Institute and Academies Network with RISE currently being the Australian sector lead in industry-partnership workplace embedded doctoral student programs.

Within the Sport and Exercise Medicine theme, the RISE Physical Literacy research program improves the physical literacy of all Australians through physical education, sport, and community linkages.

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Environmental Physiology

Environmental physiology research at RISE examines the mechanisms that mediate health and performance in adverse environments: primarily heat and altitude.

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Active Brain

The Active Brain theme at RISE investigates interrelationships between human movement and the brain, seeking to optimise health and performance.

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Sport Integrity

At RISE, the integrity of sport organisations, high performing athletes, and the support structures around them, are viewed holistically from a wellness and ethical decision-making perspective.  Taking a collaborative approach across the University, and with external partners, RISE uses evidence-based research to assist in preventing and managing integrity issues, including match-manipulation, anti-doping, vulnerabilities, welfare, bullying and harassment.

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Exercise Epigenetics

The key activities of the Exercise Epigenetics research theme are underpinned by accumulating evidence that aging is linked to negative epigenetic alterations in cells.

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Applied Biomechanics

The Applied Biomechanics Research Theme, established in 2021, is an emerging area of research excellence within the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise. It is home to a growing group of researchers who use state of the art biomechanical methodologies and techniques to better understand human movement and performance.

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