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Prof Rachel DaveyProfessor, Director


Prof Clive SabelCo-Deputy Director, Professor in Epidemiology (Spatial Epidemiology)
Professor Luis Salvador-CarullaCo-Deputy Director, Professor in Mental Health
Assoc Prof Nasser BagheriAssociate Professor in Epidemiology and Medical Geography
Mr Marcus BlakeSenior Data Scientist
Asst Prof Suzanne CarrollResearch Fellow
Assoc Prof Neil CoffeeAssociate Professor in Health Geography
Dr Michael DaleResearch Officer
Assoc Prof Nicole FreeneAssociate Professor in Physiotherapy
Sunil GeorgeResearch Fellow
Professor Neeraj GillProfessor in Public Mental Health
Susie GiugniResearch and Family Liaison Officer
Dr Jane KoernerSenior Research Officer
Mr Vincent LearnihanResearch Officer
Associate Professor Sue LukersmithAssociate Professor Disability & Health Implementation Research
Celia MaddoxResearch Officer
Dr Itismita MohantyAssociate Professor Health Economics
Ms Nathasha Munasinghe KumarageAdministration Officer
Dr Mel MylekPost-Doctoral Researcher
Beccie NicolResearch Officer (Admin)
Assoc Prof Theo NiyonsengaAssociate Professor in Biostatistics
Nicole O'ConnorResearch Office (Admin)
Frea OngClinical Educator (Speech Pathology)
Dr Vicky SaundersPost-Doctoral Researcher
Assoc Prof Jacki SchirmerAssociate Professor in Wellbeing
Dr Ralf Schroers Senior Research Officer
Dr Katie SpeerPost-Doctoral Researcher
Nicole ThackerResearch Officer (Admin)
Codes ThomsonResearch Officer
Prof Gavin TurrellProfessor in Public Health
Assoc Prof Penney UptonAssociate Professor in Health Services Research
Jonathan WardBusiness and Project Manager
Dr Cindy WoodsSenior Research Fellow
Vivian YuClinical Educator (Speech Pathology)

PhD Students

Joseph Anumba

Relationship between built environment, social environment and wellbeing in Canberra region.

Miranda BattenPharmacist interventions in Residential Aged Care Facilities.
Kimberly BrownExploring associations between wellbeing and regenerative agriculture
Poulomi ChowdhuryProfiles of health issues, healthcare utilization and its cost: A study of older workforce by type of economic activities in India
Ibrahim HaiderEvaluating the effectiveness of an on-site pharmacist model on quality use of medicines in the residential aged care setting.
Susan HartonoGrowing up in Australia: the effects of parental immigration status, country of origin, and acculturation on the dynamics of children’s body weight status
Fatema Akhter Hiramoni

Higher prevalence of C-section births and its short-term and long-term health and economic impacts: evidence from Bangladesh.

Sara Hudson

Valuing Indigenous Social Enterprises: Understanding and assessing the impact on Indigenous health and wellbeing.

Sushmitha Kasturi

Geospatial variation and pathway modelling of risk factors of mental health and cardiovascular diseases.

Vincent Learnihan

Neighbourhood risk conditions for mental health and wellbeing: A case study of mid to older aged Australians.

Gweneth Leigh

Is the schoolyard sick? Investigating the design impacts of secondary schoolyards on student perceptions of well-being.

Xi LiSocioeconomic disparities in health outcomes: Evidence from China.
Tapas Mazumder

Understanding Bangladesh’s journey towards the Sustainable Development Goals with the key determinants of neonatal and child mortality.

Jeff Mitshabu

Intergenerational patterns of cardiometabolic risk factors in Congolese migrants living in Australia map.

Kacie Patterson

A smartphone app for sedentary behaviour change in cardiac rehabilitation & the effect on hospital admissions.

Rahanan Sathiyakumar

Community food access during the structural disruptions.

Samjhana Shrestha

Understanding the relationship between the social and built environmental features and adult obesity through a focus on mediators.

Mel TriantafayllouRelationships between local residential and within home physical and social environments and wellbeing from birth to early adulthood
Thomas Vasey

Children’s Active School Travel: Evaluating the RideScore Active Schools Program.

Adjunct Honorary Staff

Prof Carlos Garcia-Alonso
Associate Prof. Amir Aryani
Prof Charles Claudianos
Associate Professor Dr Anindita Das
Dr Summer Finlay
Associate Professor John Goss
Dr Diego Díaz-Milanés
Professor Michael Moore
Professor Paresh Dawda
Professor Annette Schmiede
Associate Professor Jose a. Salinas-Perez
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Nalini Pati
Professor David Perkins
Professor Daniel Rock
Professor Sebastian Rosenberg

Affiliated Members

Dr Danish Armed
Dr Tesfaye Gebremedhin
Dr Ro McFarlane
Dr Indira Samarawickrema
Professor Shawn Somerset