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About the Health Research Institute

Excellence in research is at the core of our vision for UC-HRI which brings together University-wide expertise in biomedicine, biotechnology, clinical sciences, public health, urban planning, architecture and health services research across the continuum of 'whole of person health to whole of population' (Melodi Licht 2007).

Our research will inform government policy and professional practice to improve individual and community health outcomes and the healthcare system.

The HRI consolidates and showcases the University's health research strengths, building sufficient scale, scope, sustainability and infrastructure necessary to support world‐class health research. The HRI will be a central research pillar of the Health Innovation Precinct and will leverage industry links and service provisions.

We will actively encourage and support interdisciplinary, multi‐disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches in addressing 'real world' issues and future 'grand challenges' that require collaboration from researchers from a range of disciplines working together with the realisation that an integration of multiple perspectives is required to better understand and ameliorate complex problems.

At UC-HRI we aim to:

  • Support the University Strategic Plan and the Research Focus on Health
  • Consolidate and showcase the University's health research strengths
  • Form a central pillar of the University of Canberra Health Innovation Precinct (UC-HIP)
  • Enhance the impact of our research through partnerships with government, industry, NGO and community sectors
  • Leverage industry and service provision links to lead to more rapid transitions into practice
  • Provide synergies with dispersed groups of staff and students from a variety of academic disciplines focused on health research
  • Address 'real world' issues and future 'grand challenges' that require collaboration from multi-disciplinary researchers

Please contact us for further information.