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PhD Mentoring Program

PhD plus

2021 Pilot Program

Expressions of Interest for Intake 2 are open until 19 September.

PhD Candidates: Click here to apply to be a mentee.

PhD and UC Alumni: Click here to apply to be a mentor.

The aim of the mentoring program is to match PhD graduates or UC alumni industry/sector professionals with current PhD candidates in a similar industry or research area. Mentors will share their expertise and insights from their candidature and/or their profession, combining instruction with affective support, and advocating for, and advising the mentee during their journey. Mentors may suggest resources and tools, writing tips, and provide advice on the submission processes. They may share their real-life experience, along with insights to transitioning within, or back to industry, and career advice.

For the mentor, the benefits include further development of leadership skills, exposure to new ideas approaches and perspectives, and growth of professional network. Mentors are valuable role models who can aid PhD candidates in their PhD candidature, pitching their research, and translating their skills to industry.

Mentees will obtain valuable support, advice, and feedback during their PhD candidature that will be beneficial into the future. They will receive help and advice with their candidature and how to pitch their research, exposure to different ideas and approaches, as well as insight into transitioning within, or back to, the industry. The mentoring program will also enable candidates to build and grow potential networks. Mentees will receive encouragement, suggestions, and feedback in their PhD candidate journey and beyond.

The pilot program will be a one-to-one match based on industry and research area, where alumni commit to 15 weeks of mentoring for PhD candidates who have completed the first semester of their PhD. For the ongoing program, this will be a commitment of 4-6 months.

Mentees, for more information, please see the PhD Candidate Participant Flyer here

Mentors, for more information, please see the Alumni Mentor Flyer here

Program  Timeline

Intake 2

12 July

Applications open

19 September

Applications close

20 September – 1 October

Matching occurs

5-8 October

Notification of match (via email)

11 October

Orientation 3 pm-4:30pm, at UC

11 October

Program officially commences

11 October - 4 March 2022

Regular meetings - minimum of 4

* Please note we have allowed for a break from 20 December – 30 January, 2022

Week of 11 October

Mentoring Workshop (online Time/date tbc)

15 - 21 November

Complete mid-point feedback survey

4 March

End of program wrap-up event, (Time/date TBC)

1-7 November

Complete end of program evaluation

Program Requirements

Mentees are expected to attend all events and activities related to the program (where feasible to do so) and to be an active participant in the program. The table below outlines approximate time requirements and time commitments of the program:


Time Involved

Express interest

30 mins

Attend Orientation Event

1.5 hours

Attend mentoring workshop

3 hours

Ongoing meetings with mentee

4-5 hours over whole program

Preparation time (reviewing documents and preparing for meetings)

2-3 hours over the whole program

Mid-point survey

10 mins

End of program evaluation

20 mins

Wrap-up event

1.5 hours

Total time commitment

~ 15 hours

If you have any questions, please email