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PhD Plus Industry Internship Program

Expressions of interest are NOW OPEN for Pilot Program – Click here to apply

An Information Session for PhD candidates interested in undertaking an industry internship will be held Thursday 6 April 1-2pm in 01C105

Please register your attendance through InkPath

Pilot Program 2023

The UC PhD Plus Industry Internship Pilot Program will provide opportunities for PhD Plus candidates to undertake an industry internship in industry, government, NGO’s or community and better prepare them for careers beyond academia.

The aim of the UC PhD Plus Industry Internship Pilot Program is to enhance the research training experience of PhD candidates to:

  • develop and demonstrate transferrable skills
  • engage with industry or profession and translate research into practical solutions
  • build professional networks, and
  • enhance career options and employability.

Engaging in the PhD Plus Industry Internship Program will provide candidates with: a framework to ensure internships adhere to legal and government requirements, templated agreements and project plans, pre-placement training and formal check-ins with host and intern during the process.

If you are considering undertaking an Industry Internship during your candidature it is important to be proactive and plan ahead. We recommend allowing 2-3 months minimum from when you identify a host to commencing your placement. Read through the guidelines and attend the PhD Plus Industry Internship Information Session, so that you understand the expectations of a internships.


Types of Internships

#Does not have to be consecutive days. 1 day = 7 hours. Minimum 420 hours for co-funded.
*Six months Full-Time (FT) is maximum time candidate can spend in internship. Periods of up to three months FT are most common.
**Must meet the Fair Work Act 2009 requirements for unpaid work

Program eligibility and expectations

  • Candidate must be making satisfactory progress with PhD.
  • Candidate must remain enrolled for the full duration of Internship. Candidate is covered by the University’s insurance during Internship provided they are enrolled in UC course.
  • An internship is part of candidature so the candidate must complete within the normal candidature time limit.
  • Maximum time for one Internship is six months. Recommended time for Internship 3 months or 60 days (does not have to be consecutive days).
  • Recommended for candidate to engage with potential Industry Host early in candidature (first year) and agree to internship prior to first 18 months. Internship can be completed anytime during candidature.

To participate in the PhD Plus Industry Internship Pilot Program please complete the Expression of Interest - Click here to apply.

If you have further questions about the program, please email

If you are interested in hosting a UC PhD Plus candidate for an internship, please contact PhD Plus Program Advisor at