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Thesis Submission

Thesis requirements

The results of the research from a higher degree by research course are presented in a thesis or its equivalent in another medium. The thesis must meet specific criteria for the type of degree: PhD, Professional Doctorate or Masters by Research, detailed in the Higher Degree by Research Thesis Submission and Examination Guidelines.

Before Submission, the HDR Support team will require the following:

The Primary Supervisor to complete;

Appointment of Thesis examiners

You should discuss with your supervisors the choice of examiners for your thesis several months before you intend to submit. The relevant committee needs to approve appointments so that the thesis can be sent for examination as soon as it is ready. Your supervisor is required to consult you on the choice of examiners. You have the opportunity to nominate examiners you think would be suitable for your thesis and individuals you would NOT like to see appointed. (Note that examiners should be in basic agreement with the approach and methodology you have adopted.)

The University however, makes the final choice of examiners and you are not told who they are while the examination is in progress. Higher Degree by Research theses are examined by three examiners, external to the University.

Formatting & printing requirements for theses

Before you prepare your final copy, please read through the Higher Degree by Research Thesis Submission and Examination Guidelines for information on formatting requirements.

The University of Canberra allows for electronic submission and examination of theses for Higher Degree by Research. In exceptional circumstances only a hard copy of the submitted thesis may be required for examination.

At Submission, the following will be required:

Editing of Research Theses by Professional Editor

Students may use a professional editor in preparing their thesis for submission but they should obtain permission from the Primary Supervisor to do so.

Guidelines for the use of a professional editor can be found in the Higher Degree by Research Thesis Submission and Examination Guidelines.

To find out if you are able to fund this from your research support allocation, speak to your Faculty/Research Institute representative.

Completion of other requirements for the degree

After the thesis examination, before resolving completion of the degree, the HDR Support team will need to confirm that you have met all other academic requirements of the course of study. Some research programs include a coursework component. All candidates for research degrees are required to present a pre-submission research seminar. Further Information can be found here: Progress Milestones

Final advice on submission

Please allow time for final editing and changes to your thesis required by your supervisor. Do not submit at the last minute. This is particularly important if you are a domestic student approaching the end of your Commonwealth Research Training Program (RTP) funding entitlement.

The Examination process

The information below is a simple overview of the examination process.

  • Examiners are asked to provide their examination report within eight weeks, but please be aware that some examiners will take longer than this.
  • Once all three examiners reports have been received by the University, they will be sent to you and your supervisor.
  • Candidates are required to respond to the reports in writing. Your supervisor will comment too.
  • Each examiner makes a recommendation on the examination result. The Associate Dean Research of your Faculty decides the result after considering the reports and your response.
  • You are then asked to make any recommended changes to the thesis. (It is unusual for examiners not to request any changes.)
  • Completion of the degree is resolved when the changes have been approved by the appropriate authority and other academic requirements have been confirmed.
  • A final version of the thesis is required at this time, both an electronic copy and a hardcopy version .

Please consult with your supervisors for advice with regard to the preparation of the thesis for submission.

For detailed information refer to the Submission and Examination section of Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

For queries relating to the administrative processes involved in thesis submission and examination, please contact

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