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Progress Support

What is a Progress Support Strategy?

The University is committed to providing HDR candidates with access to appropriate support at appropriate times during the candidature.

A Progress Support Strategy (PSS) is the first formal step the University takes to help a candidate who is not progressing as expected, or to provide additional support when required.

There are many reasons candidates may experience difficulties during their candidature. The focus of the Progress Support Strategy is to help the candidate to get their research back on track for on-time completion.

A Progress Support Strategy is tailored to individual needs and will give the candidate:

  • The opportunity to receive formal support
  • Clear expectations on agreed actions and timeframes.

What Happens in a PSS?

The structure, content and outcomes of a PSS are determined through a discussion between the HDR candidate, their Primary Supervisor and the Associate Dean of the Faculty.

  • The candidate and supervisor will discuss progress issues or risk of progress issues (e.g. when returning from an extended period of leave), and will map out a Course of Action to follow to address the identified areas of weakness.
  • A Course of Action plan includes activities such as: a prescribed program of drafts to be submitted to the Primary Supervisor; participation in nominated workshops to develop required skills; or changes to candidature (e.g. change to supervisory panel or to enrolment load)
  • The Faculty ADR will formally activate the agreed Course of Action plan.
  • The candidate will action the agreed plan over three months.
  • At the end of the three-month period, the candidate will meet their Primary Supervisor and the ADR to discuss their progress, using the  Progress Support Strategy Report form.

For more information, refer to the Higher Degree by Research Progress and Milestones Policy, Higher Degree by Research Progress and Milestones Procedures, and the Progress Support Strategy Report form.

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