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Progress Support

Candidates who are experiencing problems that may affect their progress are encouraged to inform their Primary Supervisor and discuss options to address these issues or make appropriate changes to their candidature.

Candidates identified by their Primary Supervisor as at risk of unsatisfactory progress, either formally via the Annual Progress Review or Research Plan Review, or informally outside of these reporting tools, may be given additional support to manage their progress in the form of the Progress Support strategy. Candidates would normally be considered at risk of unsatisfactory progress is they had missed milestone due dates, persistently failed to meet deadlines (e.g. submitting drafts for feedback) or missed appointments with their supervisory panel or Primary Supervisor, etc. 

Progress Support is designed to assist a candidate to improve areas of weakness and is not a punitive process. The process is designed to avoid weaknesses growing into major problems later in candidature. This process involves the candidate, their Primary Supervisor and the Associate Dean of the Faculty or Director of the Research Institute meeting to discuss progress issues, and mapping out a course of action for the student to follow that addresses the identified areas of weakness. The course of action is to be undertaken over a period of three months, and at the end of the period the student reports back to their Primary Supervisor and the ADR/Director on their progress using a Progress Support Strategy Report. This report is then assessed to see if the candidate has addressed the identified weaknesses.

A course of action plan could include, for example,  a prescribed program of work to be submitted to the Primary Supervisor, attendance at specific workshops to develop specific skills required to progress with research, or changes to candidature (e.g. change to supervisory panel or enrolment load). 

The Progress Support Report form and workflow can be found on Research Forms page.

For further information on Progress Support refer to the HDR Progress and Milestones Policy and companion procedures.

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