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Examination and Completion

The Examination process

The examination policy for Higher Degree by Research theses is described in HDR Examination policy

All the required HDR Examination forms can be found here.

The process from Intent to Submit to Graduation is also represented in the Examination Flowchart. The stages in the examination process are as follows:

Examination of the thesis will be by a minimum of three suitably qualified examiners external to the University, each of whom submits a report.

The University process to determine the examination result, normally involves the following procedures:

  • the candidate is asked to provide a written response to the examiner's reports, with additional comment from the Primary Supervisor
  • the relevant Higher Degrees Committee(s) at Faculty/Research Institute and/or University level considers the examiner's reports and the candidate's response and decides what changes need to be made to the thesis, if applicable
  • the candidate amends the thesis in accordance with Committee decision (up to and including re-examination of a revised thesis if required)
  • the Committee resolves the final thesis examination result (as an ungraded pass or fail).

Completion of academic requirements for the degree:

The relevant Higher Degrees Committee will confirm completion of academic requirements for the degree, including the thesis and any required coursework, and make a recommendation to Academic Board concerning award of the degree.

Graduation and conferral of award

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