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Annual Progress Report

Who Completes an Annual Progress Report?

Continuing candidates will be required to complete an APR as a condition of their continuing enrolment,except, research candidates who are NOT required to complete an APR are: Candidates who are in their first semester of study;

Candidates who have submitted their thesis for examination and are awaiting results; and

Candidates who are on Leave of Absence (Intermission) continuously from second semester until the end of first semester the following year.

Supervisors and Faculty Associate Dean Research/Research Institute Directors are required to, in turn, review and comment on their students' APR's.

How are the Annual Progress Reports Completed?

The APRs are undertaken through a secure online system. Every year from 1 September, the APRs will be in each candidates MyUC account, ready for the reporting process to begin.

Please note: students must log into MyUC using their Student number and password.

Supervisors and Faculty Associate Dean Research (ADR)/Research Institute Directors are able to view their students' APR's via MyUC. The journey of Annual Progress Reports everyone involved in the APR process will be notified when the reports are online and ready to be completed HDR candidates log onto MyUC and complete all areas of the report APRs are located under Exams and Results, the link to Research Annual Progress Report is found on the left side of the page.

Once a candidate has completed the initial stage of the APR their primary supervisor will be required to log into MyUC to review the report and make comments on the candidate's progress.

For staff APRs are located under Applications, Research, click on the link to Research Annual Progress Reports The candidate will then need to log onto MyUC again to review the comments made by their supervisor Finally the Faculty Associate Dean Research (ADR)/Research Institute Directors is required to log into MyUC and review the entire report and make a final recommendation Once all these steps have been taken the HDR Support team will process the APR and enrol the candidate for the following year.

Please note: The HDR Support team suggests that at the end of each stage a copy of the APR is printed before the SUBMIT button is hit After each stage in the process is completed the relevant person must press the SUBMIT button in order to progress the APR onto the next stage All information provided in the APRs must be up to date After each stage in the APR process an automated email will be sent to notify the next person responsible for review/comment.

When are the Annual Progress Reports Completed?

The APRs go live each year on 1 September and are due to be fully completed (including the Faculty ADR/Research Institute Director review) by 30 September.

What happens if a Candidate does not complete their Annual Progress Report?

Universities Australia advocates that all candidates studying an Australian research degree complete a progress report every year. For this reason APRs are a mandatory part of a research candidates program. Continuing enrolment for research candidates is dependent upon satisfactory completion of their APR.

APRs also help to:

  • Monitor the progress of each HDR candidate Identify, and promptly respond to, issues affecting HDR candidates' progress
  • Assist HDR candidates to effectively manage their progress in collaboration with their supervisors.

Any Questions?

For questions relating to candidate information required for their APR please contact your supervisor.

If candidates and staff have any problems logging on to MyUC to complete an APR please contact the ICT Service Desk on 6201 5500.

Any questions relating to the online APR process please contact the HDR Support team.

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