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Changes to candidature

Candidates may experience personal or academic issues throughout their candidature that interrupt or impact on their research.

Any issue that may affect a candidate's research progress or enrolment should be discussed with their Primary Supervisor, and may lead to changes being made. All changes to candidature require appropriate approval.

Changes to candidature normally include such things as taking leave from candidature, a change in supervisory panel membership or a change of enrolment.

Leave from Candidature could include sick leave, intermission (6months) or parental leave.

A change of enrolment may be a change from full-time (35 hours per week) to part-time (18 hours per week) if eligible, or part-time to full-time.

A Change of Supervisory panel to add or remove a specialist advisor, or to change the Primary or Secondary Supervisor.

More significant changes to candidature that impact the research project itself could include a change in direction or scope of the research, or a request to transfer to a different research course (e.g. Masters by Research to PhD, or PhD to Masters, PhD to Professional Doctorate or Prof Doc to PhD). Changes such as this should be discussed with the Primary Supervisor. For more information, see the HDR Enrolment and Changes to Candidature Policy

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