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What happens next?

What happens next?

The time it takes for your application to be processed can vary depending upon which research degree you are applying for, if you are a domestic or international student, or if you are also applying for a scholarship.

The approximate response time may take up to eight weeks based upon your specific circumstances when you apply. Here is a brief overview of the approval process for your reference:

  1. Acknowledgment of your application
  2. Check your eligibility to be admitted to the degree
  3. The faculty or research institute assessment of your application
  4. Your proposed supervisor approves your application
  5. The Faculty Dean or Institute Director approves your application
  6. A formal Letter of Offer is made
  7. Acceptance of your Offer
  8. Confirmation of your Enrolment

How do I accept my offer?

You must formally accept or decline your offer in writing. We will post you a form which you must sign and return to us. If you cannot commence by the previously agreed date you will need to contact the HDR Admissions Officers.