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Research Team

Tom Lowries

Centenary Professor Tom Lowrie

Tom was appointed as one of the University's Centenary Professors in 2014. His previous positions included working as a primary school class room teacher, teaching mathematics education and research method.

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Roby Jorgensen

Professor Robyn Jorgensen

Robyn is an internationally renowned educational researcher whose work in equity and pedagogy has been used to inform the development of this project.

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Tracey Logan

Assistant Prof Tracy Logan

Tracy is a qualified primary school teacher, who has previously lectured to undergraduate pre-service teachers in the discipline of mathematics education.

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Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin

Assistant Prof Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin

Sitti has a PhD in the uses of the Internet for teacher professional development and mathematics teaching and learning.

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Dr Tessa Daffern

Dr Tessa Daffern's PhD investigated spelling and writing acquisition in the middle and upper primary school years.  Prior to commencing as an Assistant Professor in 2016, Tessa was a Subject Coordinator in education courses at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

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Amanda Levido

Amanda provides administrative and research support to academic researchers at SERC. She is a qualified secondary school teacher who has experience from early childhood through to tertiary education.

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