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Converging on an NBN future

In October 2012 the Faculty of Arts and Design hosted a symposium concerning the future of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Converging on an NBN Future: Content, Connectivity, and Control brought together scholars, industry analysts and government regulators and policy makers to address the important issues faced as the NBN commences widespread operations in Australia.

The symposium was part of an ongoing investigation of the 'Broadband and Society' research team launched in October 2011, in order to systematically review the users, industries and the government in adopting new technologies.

Speakers on the day included international and interstate guests, and industry representatives. 


The symposium program outlining the day's events and speaker bios is available to download (3.8MB). A list of abstracts of presentations is also available (.pdf, 181kb).

Presentations given by speakers at the symposium are available to download in .pdf format:

Don't Get Hung up on the Plumbing! (1.57MB). Robin Eckermann (Eckermann & Associates)

Using the NBN to improve Government Service Delivery (318KB). Keith Besgrove (Dept. of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy)

The NBN Will (Not) Be Televised: Internet, Mobile Media, and the Future of the Audiovisual (191KB). Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)

Selling the NBN: The Politics of Broadband in AustraliaMatthew Allen (Curtin University)

Communications Literacy and the Broadband Society (609KB). Lesley Osborne (Australian Communications and Media Authority)

Opportunities - Regional Communities and the NBN (164KB). Rosemary Sinclair (UNSW Australian School of Business)

Ubiquitous Broadband is Enabling the Digital Economy (2.66MB). Geoffrey Heydon (Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation)

Reflection of Broadband Policies in South Korea (1.8MB). Gwang Jae Kim (Hanyang Cyber University) and Sora Park (University of Canberra).

Explaining the NBN - Public Perception of a Technology Vision (614KB). Tony Eyers (Tektel)

NBN Co - Building Broadband for Content, Connectivity and Control (1.67MB). Sean Casey (NBN Co.)

An International Perspective on the NBN (325KB). Catherine Middleton (Ryerson University)