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Our Alumni


Morris Carpenter

Thesis Title: mHealth adoption for the self-management type 2 diabetes

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Sally Burford, James Mahoney

Liam Engel

Thesis Title: An Online Australian Drug Discussion: Illicit drug policy and the Australian Drug Discussion (AusDD) forum

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Caroline Fisher, Deborah Lupton, Monica Barratt

Kieran McGuinness

Thesis Title: Power, Politics and Secrecy: Newspaper reporting of submarine procurement in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Caroline Fisher, Peter Putnis, Greg Austin

Chris Kim

Thesis Title: Exploring the Practice of Co-Production as a Habitualised Response to Problematic Situations: A Qualitative Study of Community Recovery in Christchurch, New Zealand

Supervisory Panel: Sora ParkKate Holland, Barbara Walsh


Jayan Kurian

Thesis Title: Communication Patterns on the Facebook page of Emergency Management Organisations

Supervisory Panel: Mathieu O’Neil, Kerry McCallum

Catherine Page-Jeffery

Thesis Title: Media Technologies of Parenting: Parental Anxieties and Practices in the Digital Age

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Caroline Fisher


Prarawan Senachai

Thesis Title: The role of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) in Thailand

Supervisory Panel: Glen Fuller, Barbara Walsh


Jee Young Lee

Thesis Title: User-centric digital inclusion: Linking Australia's digital divide policy and digital exclusion experiences

Supervisory Panel: Sora Park, Mathieu O’Neil, Julie Freeman

Teresa Ryan

Thesis Title: Deadly Women: An Analysis of Indigenous Women's Leadership in Australia

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Jerry Watkins, Kerrie Doyle



Melissa Sweet

Thesis Title: "Acknowledgement" A social journalism research project relating to the history of lock hospitals, lazarets and other forms of medical incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Matthew Ricketson, Kate Holland, Lynore Geia, Patricia Dudgeon


Temple Uwalaka

Thesis Title: Mobile Internet and the rise of Digital Activism among University Students in Nigeria

Supervisory Panel: Jerry Watkins, Scott Rickard, Kerry McCallum



Michelle Dunne Breen

Thesis Title: Discursive Depletion: The Fourth Estate and Aboriginal Opposition to the Northern Territory Emergency Response 2007

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Warwick Blood, Laura Tolton, Geoff Carig


James Mahoney

Thesis Title: Strategic horizons: a paradigm for strategic communication planning and management in organisational contexts

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Warwick Blood, Deborah Blackman, Judy Motion

David Marshall

Thesis Title: Political discourse in a media saturated environment: the Howard Government's approach to communicating with the Australian electorate

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Peter Putnis, Warwick Blood



Katrina Clifford

Thesis Title: The Thin Blue Line of Mental Health: Mediated Representations of Police Use of Force in Mental Health Crisis Interventions.

Supervisory Panel: Warwick Blood, Kerry McCallum, Glenn Mitchell

Lisa Waller

Thesis Title: The dynamic interplay of news media and bilingual education policy in Australia's Northern Territory 1988-2008

Supervisory Panel: Kerry McCallum, Warwick Blood