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Research labs

The Centre’s research activity occurs in three research hubs that together deliver on N&MRC objectives:

The Critical Conversations Lab investigates the way issues of social and political concern emerge through media and digital networks to enable public participation and influence political agendas. The CCL studies our hybrid media system in the context of political and social environments at the local, national and global levels.

We conduct qualitative and mixed-methods research into citizen engagement, inclusion and exclusion, the networks and trajectories of causes and controversies, and their influence on political systems and media institutions. Our research promotes and encourages informed public debate on the role and performance of news and media in contemporary society.

Current projects

Amplifying Indigenous news: A digital intervention (ARC Linkage grant)

Breaking Silences: Media and the Child Abuse Royal Commission (ARC Discovery grant)

Mapping the co-production of digital infrastructure by peer projects and firms (Ford Foundation grant)

The Digital News + Lab examines the changing nature of news and media industries in the digital environment, including the impact on policy and regulation, and the future of journalism. We study the relationship between government and media industries, production and audiences.

Central to this endeavour is the production of the Digital News Report: Australia, a national annual online survey of more than 2,000 adult Australians, which monitors changes in news consumption over time, particularly within the digital space. The Australian survey forms part of a global study of 38 news markets co-ordinated by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

Current Projects

Digital News Report: Australia 2019

Regional journalists: What do they need?

Sharing information on WeChat and WhatsApp: Generational and cultural differences among Chinese and Australian messaging app users

The Media Cultures Lab interrogates the role of media, communication and new technologies in constructing, maintaining, and changing cultures. It examines the impact of digital media technologies on social behaviour and social change; and it explores the complex relationships between media and communication practices in our daily lives including all areas of work, health, education, and recreation.

Current projects

Pedalling for change: Cultural geography for traffic congestion innovation (ARC Discovery grant)

So what do you do?: tracking creative graduates in Australia and the UK's Creative and Cultural Industries (ARC Discovery grant)