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UNCITRAL National Coordination Committee for Australia

University of Canberra and the United Nations Commissions on International Trade Law National Coordination Committee of Australia (UNCCA) formed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide an executive office at its Bruce campus for UNCCA until 2020.

UNCCA, which has a formal mandate from UNCITRAL, was formed in 2013 as a private sector initiative to bring together lawyers, academics and government to support the development of international trade law in Australia.

Built on the voluntary contribution of time by our members, known as UNCCA Fellows, UNCCA has achieved many things in the past three years:

  • Representation by Australians at all six UNCITRAL Working Groups since 2015, either as part of an official Australian delegation or as observers on behalf of LAWASIA;
  • Participation at numerous UNCITRAL conferences and symposia in Asia and the Pacific, as speakers and session chairs;
  • Participation at expert group meetings organized by the UNCITRAL Secretariat in preparation for Working Group Meetings;
  • Conducting annual UNCITRAL Seminars in May each year in Canberra for government and private sector stakeholders
  • Delivering UN Day lectures in most Australian capitals in 2017.

For more information about UNCCA or if you wish to join, please visit the UNCCA Wesbite.