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The Knowledge City Index: A Tale of 25 Cities in Australia

The nature of work is changing: roughly half of the jobs that currently exist in developed economies will no longer exist by 2030. For some workers it will be the best of times, as their knowledge, skills and creativity combine to make them increasingly valuable and prosperous. For others, it will be the worst of times, as hardwon skills and occupational learning become increasingly irrelevant.

The Knowledge City Index we will offer insight into the resilience and capabilities across Australia, as well as provide an understanding of the changing nature of work and knowledge capability within 25 Australian cities.

Future economic and social transformations raise important questions about the resources that cities currently possess. The Knowledge City Index (KCI) will provide a powerful tool for policy makers, city planners and the general public. It will allow readers to recognise a city’s strengths and weaknesses and where a particular city is situated within the larger national context. The KCI results provide insights into which cities are most likely to prosper in the transition to a knowledge economy. Ultimately the future of work and Australian cities is not necessarily bleak and opportunities abound.

This report provides readers with the KCI, as well as an explanation and justification of the measures employed and how we went about developing the index.

Looking to download an electronic version of the University of Canberra’s KCI report? You've found it! Click on the highlighted link below.

The Knowledge City Index: A Tale of 25 Cities in Australia Report (PDF, 5321.16 KB)