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Research at the neXus

Given the breadth of our research interests (please see our research profiles), the neXus Research Centre focuses on current social issues and challenges to bring the faculty together.

We bring researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds together to interrogate common issues across multiple disciplines. This is the genesis of a programme-based approach to research. The breadth of the Faculty interests are difficult to identify in a short paragraph: however, we are interested in emergent business trends such as transformative service and the impacts of the changing nature of work, such as new work technologies and practices. We are interested in Canberra as the archetypal innovation and knowledge economy. We are interested in business creep into regulation and other legal and governance structures, such as through accounting, finance and corporate social responsibility, and we are interested in how business and law are becoming a pseudo-regulator of social, political and cultural structures. We are interested in business and law in society. We are interested in substantive issues of justice in relation to gender, Indigenous issues, climate change, refugees, privacy, policing, sentencing and corrections.

Given our location as the Capital of Australia, we are interested in our local communities, and we have a focus on emerging economies and especially whether the advanced tools and techniques of business, management, law are ‘best practices’ for our emerging neighbours. We are particularly interested in South-East Asia, but we have a broader international focus around international financial institutions and other international organisations involved in justice. We are interested in private and public contexts and we are interested in the power of information and how information systems both engender change, but also impact in multi-ways with business, law, government and society. We proudly hold that our research has a broad ambit, but we focus our research on governance as business, government and law are significant institutions in society, with the ability to impact both positively and negatively on society. 

These multi-faceted interests allow us to interrogate current topical research issues from a variety of disciplinary foundations. Currently we have two issues-based research programmes; The Changing Practice of Work and the Commons.