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Dr Tracey Dickson

Associate Professor
School of Management
Highest Qualification – Phd
HDR Completions - 2

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201 2465
Email: Tracey.Dickson@canberra.edu.au


I have three main areas of research focus:

Snowsport injury prevention: For the billion-dollar snowsport industry just down the road from UC it is imperative that safety is a primary area of focus as injuries are bad for business! We have an interdisciplinary team including health, design and IT, looking at what contributes to injury, such as in a Terrain Park, and how to manage return to activity for people with head injuries such as concussion. From a prevention perspective we considered all areas of design: experience, resort, protective equipment and other social determinants of health (e.g. drugs, alcohol, hydration, fatigue)

Mega sport event legacies: Mega sport events like the Olympics and Paralympics depend upon volunteers for their operation.  There is often the promise that there will be a volunteer legacy for the host community for these events.  We have conducted research on volunteers at the 3 last Olympics/Paralympics Games as well as the recent FIFA Women' World Cup, 2015 to seek to identify how we might be able to support the achievement of such a desired legacy

Accessible Tourism: For the more than 30% of the population with permanent or temporary access needs, how can we design and or develop tourism opportunities that facilitate their participation in society?

  • 2012, Waddington, G, Dickson, T. J., Trathen, S., and Adams, R Towards a Sport concussion Assessment Tool 3 in snowsports: can the balance measurement component of the SCAT2 be improved? NSW Sporting Injuries, Research & Injury Prevention, $28,440 (Cat 2);
  • 2009: Dickson, T. J., Waddington, G, Greendwald, R. Trathen, S., and Adams, R Investigating risk factors in paediatric snowsport injuries: Characterisation of head impacts NSW Sporting Injuries, Research & Injury Prevention, $31,790. (Cat 2);
  • 2008, Dickson, T. J., Hayllar, B., Merson, J. and Mules, T. Sustainable Tourism CRC Project: Climate Change Adaptation, $88,079 (Cat 4).
  • Darcy, S., & Dickson, T.J. (2009). A whole-of-life approach to tourism: The case for accessible tourism experiences Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 16(1), 24-31;
  • Dickson, T.J., Benson, A.M., Blackman, D.A., & Terwiel, F.A. (2013). It's All About the Games! 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Volunteers. Event Management, 17(1), 77-92. doi: 10.3727/152599513x13623342048220;
  • Dickson, T.J., Benson, A.M., & Blackman, D.A. (2011). Developing a framework for evaluating Olympic and Paralympic legacies. Journal of Sport and Tourism, 16(4), 285-302;
  • Dickson, T.J., & Huyton, J. (2008). Customer service, employee welfare and snowsports tourism in Australia. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 20(2), 199 - 214.

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Tracey is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Snowsport and mountain tourism
  • Mega sport event legacies
  • Accessible tourism

Research Methods of Interest

  • Have used: Autoethnography, case studies, questionnaires (online and paper-based), observation, interviews, focus groups, videoing, photography. Have worked on data with sample sizes of 1 to 11,000+
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