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Dr Bruce Arnold

Assistant Professor
School of Law & Justice
Highest Qualification – Completing PhD
HDR Completions - 0

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201 2710  


My research centres on three interrelated areas -

Regulatory incapacity – questions about the effectiveness of private/public sector regulation of high technology markets (particularly pharmaceuticals and medical devices), including the impact of free trade agreements such as the TPPA. The research includes doctrinal and quantitative analysis, for example the impact on national productivity and the public health system of pharmaceutical/medical device regulation.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Protection – National/international frameworks for sensitive information in a networked globalized economy. The research reflects my membership of OECD and other advisory bodies. I have a particular interest in genomic privacy and health data protection, centred on population-scale data collection and analysis.

Embodiment – law regarding privacy, tort, consumer protection and other aspects of 'wearable' and 'implantable' digital devices

  • 'AML/CTF, Regulation and Competition Regime' (€25,000)
  • SWIFT (with Milind Sathye and Paula Chadderton) - Report to Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication regarding competition aspects of disruptive new payment systems.
  • B Arnold (2011) 'Principles and Concepts' in Arnold et al Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security (LexisNexis);
  • B Arnold (2015) 'Dignity, Trust and Identity: Private Spheres and Indigenous Intellectual Property' in Matthew Rimmer (ed), Handbook of Indigenous Intellectual Property: A Handbook of Contemporary Research (Edward Elgar);
  • W Bonython and B Arnold (2015) 'Privacy, Personhood, and Property in the Age of Genomics' Laws 4 pp377-412;
  • B Arnold, S Easteal, P Easteal and S Rice (2010) 'It just doesn't ADD up: ADHD/ADD, the workplace and discrimination' Melbourne University Law Review 34/2 pp359-391.


Bruce is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Regulation (in particular health sector and ICT sector)
  • Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Protection
  • Information Law (FOI, Archives, Censorship, Secrecy)
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Designs, Geographical Indications, Plant Breeders Rights)
  • Torts (in particular Defamation, Medical Injury)

Research Theories / Models of Interest

  • Chicago School (Law & Economics) e.g. Posner
  • Legal Pragmatism, e.g. Minow, Holmes, Radin
  • Decisionism, e.g. Schmitt
  • Dignity, e.g. Kant, Nussbaum

Research Methods of Interest

  • Empiricism
  • Assemblage