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Dr Trevor O Ryan

Assistant Professor
School of Law & Justice
Highest Qualification – Phd
HDR Completions - 1

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201 5771


The research narrative underpinning my work is one of evaluating law's response to an ageing society. My approach is comparative, but draws primarily from Japan's experience as the most rapidly ageing society in the world. Areas that I have published on within this framework include adult guardianship, family trusts, retirement income disputes within families and the workplace, welfare entitlements of non-citizens, and the contractualisation of welfare. Topics that I am currently working on are tortious liability for accidents caused by dementia-related behaviours such a wandering, the political rights of persons with mental impairment, and legal issues surrounding the housing supply for seniors. My current aim is to draw from developments in these disparate areas to mount an argument in a monograph that rests on a number of themes including the breakdown of the public-private divide in law, the role of social norms and civil society in making law effective, the value of comparative and interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation, and challenges to liberal conceptions of law, rights, and the individual.

  • Australian Academy of Science Travel to Japan Grant (2015)
  • Strategic Research Investment Fund (2015)
  • Faculty Research Grants Scheme (with Dr Michael Liu, 2010)
  • Trevor Ryan, Andrew Henderson, and Wendy Bonython, 'Voting With An "Unsound Mind"? A Comparative Study of the Voting Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities' (2016) 39 University of New South Wales Law Journal;
  • Trevor Ryan, Bruce Baer Arnold, and Wendy Bonython, 'Protecting the Rights of Those With Dementia Through Mandatory Registration of Enduring Powers? A Comparative Analysis' (2015) 36(2) Adelaide Law Review
  • Trevor Ryan, 'Administering Welfare in an Ageing Society' in Leon Wolff (ed) Who Judges Japan? (Elgar, 2015) 108;
  • Trevor Ryan, 'Is Japan Ready For Enduring Powers? A Comparative Analysis of Enduring Powers Reform' (2014) 9(1) Asian Journal of Comparative Law 241

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Trevor is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Population ageing, elder law, and public policy
  • Welfare privatisation and law
  • Comparative law (esp East Asia)
  • Constitutional law
  • Legal theory

Research Theories / Models of Interest

  • Regulatory theory
  • Interpretative theory

Research Methods of Interest

  • Legal doctrinal
  • Comparative
  • Interdisciplinary research