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Dr Jenny Fu

Assistant Professor
School of Law& Justice
Highest Qualification – Phd
HDR Completions - 0

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201 5761


  • Comparative corporate law and corporate governance
  • The interaction between national economic models and models of corporate governance
  • Sovereign investments
  • Corporate governance in Chinese listed companies
  • The system of management of state assets in government-owned or linked businesses in China and other countries such as Australia and Singapore  

Jenny has an in-depth understanding of the governance of Chinese SOEs through completing her PhD-in-Law in 2014 and her over 10 years of experience of working and researching in the field. In addition to her reportable publications, Jenny has presented over 10 papers on various aspects of Chinese corporate governance at a number of international and domestic conferences over the past a few years. 

Her research in the area has gained increasing attention from end users in more recent years. For example, she has been contacted by researchers from the Asian Development Bank, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Lowy Institute for assistance with their work in the field. She was invited to speak at several domestic and international conferences, including the Conference on Globalisation, The Crisis and Reinventing the State, held by Bond University in 2011, and two consecutive conferences on China-Australian investment relations held by UC and the APEC Research Centre in 2012 and 2013. She has received several invitations for book chapter contributions since completing her PhD. These include Routledge Handbook on Corporate Law (ed. by CI Tomasic, R), Rutledge, UK, (draft accepted by editor, 2016 forthcoming) and Resource Security and Corporate Governance: the Globalisation of China's Natural Resources Companies (eds. by Jia X and Tomasic, R) (Routledge, New York, 2016 forthcoming).

  • 2016 Faculty Seed funding for creating a program on 'Harmonisation of Economics, Law and Public Policy in Australia's Trading Relations' with Geoff Nicholl et al, $10,000;
  • 2014 Faculty Grant for 'Building Collaboration and Building Connections and Profile', $1300;
  • 2013 Australian Centre on China in the World at ANU funding for presenting a paper at the Australian-China Investment Relations Conference held by University of Canberra and the APEC Research Centre in Beijing, China, $2000.
  • Jenny Fu, 'State Capitalism and Corporate Law: The Governance of State-owned Enterprises in China', in Roman Tomasic (ed), Routledge Handbook on Corporate Law  (Rutledge, UK,  2016 forthcoming);
  • Zhao Jinlong and Jenny Fu, 'Shareholder Vote on Executive Remuneration in China' , China Journal of Comparative Law ( 2016, forthcoming);
  • Jenny Fu, 'The Governance of SOEs in China' in Geoffrey Nicoll et al (eds), The Australia-China Investment Relationship: Law, Governance and Policy (Australian Centre on China in the World, the Australian National University, 2013);
  • Jenny Fu and Geoff Nicoll, 'The Milk Scandal and Corporate Governance in China', (2011) 10(3) Canberra Law Review 103;

PURE Profile

Jenny is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Corporate law and corporate governance generally
  • Governance of the Chinese SOEs
  • Sovereign investment funds
  • Asian (including Chinese) civil and commercial law

Research Theories / Models of Interest

  • Varieties of capitalism, particularly the interaction between national economic development models and corporate governance models
  • Path dependence
  • Stockholder v stakeholder approaches to corporate governance

Research Methods of Interest

  • Qualitative
  • Empirical studies such as interviews
  • Case study