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Dr Dalma Demeter

Assistant Professor
School of Law& Justice
Highest Qualification - SJD
HDR Completions - 0

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201 5792


My research interest covers primarily alternative dispute resolution in general and international commercial arbitration in particular. I am predominantly interested in the regulation and potential overregulation of the field and I am researching alternative solutions towards a healthy balance between freedom and flexibility in dispute resolution methods and regulations ensuring legitimacy, security and predictability of the system.  Accordingly, I am currently looking at the elements that influence accessibility and efficiency of appropriate dispute resolution methods, and at socio-cultural characteristics that impact on choices made in dispute resolution. Building on the notion that alternative dispute resolution is, by definition, adaptable to the parties' needs, my research is aiming to show how the field should acknowledge and bridge socio-cultural differences through the use of methods chosen on a case-by-case basis, rather than creating one-size-fits-all rigid mechanisms that leave no room for differing preferences - that ultimately make dispute resolution personalised.

In addition to dispute resolution I am also researching legal education. Building on my personal experience in using practice-oriented teaching methods that incorporate assessment in the student learning experience, I am particularly interested in the benefits and costs of role-play type exercises and of the 'learning by doing' approach in legal education.

Finally, my research interests also cover international trade law - investor-state dispute resolution in particular and international contracts and sales law.

  • Dalma Demeter, 'Freedom versus security in regulating ADR and international arbitration' in Muruga Perumal Ramaswamy, Joao Ribeiro (eds), Trade Development through Harmonization of Commercial Law (Comparative Law Journal of the Pacific (CLJP) in association with UNCITRAL RCAP and the New Zealand Association of Comparative Law, 2015)
  • Dalma Demeter, Thilini Perera, 'Religious influences over arbitral proceedings - personalizing or jeopardizing justice?' in Patricia Easteal (ed) Justice Connections (Cambridge Scholar Press, 2013) 258;
  • Thilini Perera, Dalma Demeter, 'A Balancing Act: Retaining Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provisions in Investment Agreements and Balancing Stakeholder Interests' (2013) 31 Australian Year Book of International Law 75;
  • Dalma Demeter, Patricia Easteal, Noni Nelson, 'Gender and International Commercial Arbitrators: Contributions to Sex Discrimination in Appointments' (2015) Transnational Dispute Management Vol.2, No.04.

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Dalma is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Alternative dispute resolution – in particular international commercial arbitration and investor-state arbitration
  • International business law – in particular international sales law, international contracts
  • International trade law
  • Comparative law

Research Theories / Models of Interest

  • Positivism
  • Reformism
  • Critical legal theory and applied normative philosophy

Research Methods of Interest

  • Doctrinal
  • Applied
  • Comparative
  • Mixed-methods
  • Empirical – quantitative and qualitative