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Dr Auriol Weigold

Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Government and Policy
Highest Qualification - PhD

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Phone No.: +61 (0) 414 297 859


My interest in ‘escape from Empire’ Indo-British history began with stories told by my Irish grandmother about her childhood in late 19th century India.  Her family was one of three related Irish families, recruited to the Indian Political Service from the early 1800s until the 1940s. My interest in Britain’s political reform for India from 1858 onward culminated in my Honours, Masters and PhD theses, the latter completed at the University of Canberra (1997). It appeared as a book, Churchill, Roosevelt and India: Propaganda During World War II. (2007).

A part-time tutor and lecturer in the Faculty of Communication from 1993 until I became Convenor of the then Division of Communication & Education’s BA in International Studies in 2004, I organised an international conference in July 1999, ‘Midnight to Millenium: Australia-India Interconnections’. I had funding from the Australia India Council (DFAT) and the then UC Vice-Chancellor, to bring speakers from India. India’s nuclear tests in 1998 had damaged bilateral relations, but the then Australian Foreign Minister and Acting Indian High Commissioner spoke at the opening session – their first appearance together since the tests. The conference attracted good media cover – more in India than Australia! I organised Australia-India Update Seminars annually from 2000-2005. Universities across Australia with an interest in India sent speakers, as did DFAT and business that operated in India.  One last Update Seminar was held at UC in November 2008 with Professor Robin Jeffrey, then at ANU.

During the period convening the BA IS (2004-2009). I became closely interested in regional histories, politics, governance and trade practices, and now publish regularly on Australia-India relations and India’s regional relations.

Slowly progressing is a monograph titled ‘Colonial minds in civil service and literary fiction: A study of change in British imperial thinking from the rise of the Indian National Congress to Indian independence’.

Australian Prime Ministers Centre, Museum of Democracy, Old Parliament House Canberra – two Fellowships with research travel grants:

(1) 2009-2010: Research Project, The relationship between Prime Ministers Menzies and Nehru – publications based on this work included

  • AIIA Foreign Affairs Policy Commentary, Looking West: An Indian Ocean perspective (August 2010)
  • ASAA Conference Paper “Menzies and Nehru: a long foreign policy shadow” (July 2010)
  • “Conflict within the Commonwealth”(2011), in A. Weigold & B. Stoddard (eds) India and Australia: Bridging Different Worlds, Delhi, Readworthy.
  • “Public Diplomacy in a Post-imperial World: Menzies and Nehru in the 1950s” (2013), in D. Lowe & A. Sarwal (eds) Enriched Relations: Public Diplomacy in Australian-Indian Relations, Delhi, Readworthy

(2) 2011-2012: Research Project, The relationship between Prime Ministers Malcolm Fraser, Morarji Desai & Indira Gandhi. Publication “Australia-India Relations in insecure times: Malcolm Fraser’s engagement” (2013) in A. Weigold & L. Brennan (eds) Re-thinking India: Perceptions from Australia, Delhi, Readworthy, Research based on extended aspects of foreign policy based on this research project is also canvassed in several of my contemporary articles for Future Directions International.

(APMC Librarian, )

  • Auriol Weigold (2017), “The Australia-India Bilateral Relationship in 2017: Stable, Static and Newly Significant” Future Directions International, Perth, WA, August - (Publication online Wed 25 Nov)
  • Auriol Weigold (2017), “Forming a Bilateral Pattern: Menzies’ and Nehru’s Foreign Policy Influences Today”, Darvesh Gopal & Dallbir Ahlawat (eds), India Australia Relations: Evolving Poly-centric World Order, Delhi, India, Pentagon Press, November, (ISBN 9789386618115)
  • Auriol Weigold (2017), “India, China and the Five Principles of Panscheel”, Journal of Indian Ocean Studies, Vol 25, No 2, August, pp 182-199
  • Auriol Weigold (2017), “Modi and Trump: Possible Pathways?”, Future Directions International, Perth, WA, August -
  • Auriol Weigold (2017), “Redefining Modi’s India”, Future Directions International, Perth, WA, April,

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History, policy and government, international relations, diplomacy, public diplomacy, bilateral, multilateral and regional relations that may encompass topics based around -

South Asia, the Indian Ocean Region and Maritime South-East Asia, and including China’s relations with South Asian states.

A note on HDR candidates – several candidates from the above states or relevant topics applied for PhD places while I was a qualified PG supervisory member of the Faculty of Arts and Design.  I was in each case the nominated as primary supervisor but no candidate was offered the necessary funding and enrolled elsewhere –

I am currently on the supervisory panel of a BGL PhD student as an advisor. The student is engaged in an Australia-India project.