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In this start up phase courses are currently being developed and will be structured to meet specific student, government and industry requirements. Over time the aim of the National Security Institute is to teach a range of undergraduate and graduate courses using the extensive cross faculty capabilities of the University of Canberra.

The courses will explore the themes of;

  • What is National Security? To focus on the changing nature of security including how nations determine and pursue their interests.
  • An examination of Australia's approach to national security. Is there an Australian strategic culture and are we free to pursue our security interests?
  • The global and regional environment. A look at out future environment and how our security environment is changing.
  • New Threats and Challenges. These include: transnational crime; drugs; arms proliferation; people smuggling; pandemics; climate change; cyber warfare; plant and animal bio-security, food, water and energy security; and national resilience.
  • What are the elements of National Power? How can the Nation deal with new threats and challenges? How to coordinate whole of government efforts to achieve security at the local, national and global level.
  • War and Conflict in the 21st Century A Survey and Prospects.
  • The Changing Nature of War and Conflict. The apparent reduction in state warfare and the increase in asymmetric warfare. What is the greater threat to security a strong state or a failed state?
  • Insurgency and Counterinsurgency. What are the root causes of an insurgency and how can we solve the problem of simultaneously providing security, stability and development? Are we using the right elements of national power to counter an insurgency?
  • Terrorism. What is the nature of the threat? How does terrorism challenge our security? What is our response?
  • National Security Architectures - A Comparative Survey to include Singapore, UK and the U.S.A. How can we improve the Australian National Security Architecture?