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The Mathematics and Statistics Research Centre

The Mathematics and Statistics Research Centre is divided into two groups

Symmetry, Geometry & Physics Group

(S. Murray, S. Sergeev, J. Romero, T. Huang, and P. Vassiliou). 
The group is involved in exploring the phenomenon of symmetry in both mathematics and in fundamental physical models in nature. Powerful tools such as representation theory, differential geometry and combinatorics are developed and employed to study a range of problems in statistical physics, field theory, differential equations, mathematical computation and experimental design.

Statistics/Applied Statistics Group

(J. Ascione, S. Liu, J. Thandrayen, Tai Pham, and J. Romero). 
The aim of this group is to develop new statistical theory, techniques and tools to study a wide variety of problems from ecology, epidemiology, medicine, economics, education and criminology among other areas of contemporary significance.