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Computational Intelligence, Knowledge and Data Mining

cikadaThe Computational Intelligence, Knowledge and Data Mining (CIKADA) research area pursues inter-disciplinary research in computational intelligence and knowledge discovery to model and simulate real-world problems. CIKADA's focus includes fuzzy pattern recognition, artificial immune systems, evolutionary algorithms and systems, kernel methods, intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, and knowledge discovery research on neural networks, support vector machines, genetic algorithms and hybrid models. CIKADA investigates such models and applies them to discover useful knowledge from various forms of data in security, e-health, brain-computer interface, educational systems, financial forensics, biometric engineering, sport modelling, social modelling soft computing, smart technologies for green systems and smart commerce systems. Research in CIKADA focuses on producing workable solutions to complex real-world problems.



Professor Dharmendra Sharma

Tel: +61 2 6201 2131

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Associate Professor Dat Tran

Tel: +61 2 6201 2394

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Associate Professor Wanli Ma

Tel: +61 2 6201 2838

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Mr Robert Cox

Tel: +61 2 6201 5230