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The Early Career Researcher group

Recognising the specific challenges faced by our early career academics, CResTS has established an early career researcher (ECR) group to provide mentoring and development opportunities in order to enhance the UC experience and career prospects of our rising researchers. 

Informal discussions/ workshops facilitated by the Director of CResTS provide opportunities for ECRs to learn from each other and from successful researchers who have faced (and overcome) similar challenges. Importantly, these occasions provide an opportunity to network with other ECRs.

The group aims to be the voice of CResTS ECRs, providing opportunity to highlight their achievements in research and teaching, communicate ECR concerns and insights to senior management, and provide relevant information to ECRs. An important aim of the group is to provide a vital connection to enable dialogue between UC's senior management (Research Centre, Faculty, and University) and CResTS ECRs.


The initiative is aimed at academics in the early stages of their research careers who are seeking opportunities for strategic career planning and skill development in their chosen career path.  

Anyone from a third-year PhD student to postdoctoral fellows, research fellows and members of the academic staff employed as Assistant Professor with a doctorate awarded within the last 10 years are welcome to join the group.


Events will be organised throughout the year based on input from the group.

  1. ECR lunches with seminar speakers. Seminars by research leaders and experts are hosted at CResTS throughout the year. Each seminar will include lunch with ECR group.
  2. Coffee discussions. Informal discussions over coffee, date and venue to be decided based on availability of members.

Further Information

A/Prof Reena Ghildyal
Director, CResTS
Faculty of ESTeM
Tel: 62015755

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