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Respiratory Virology Group


  • Professor Reena Ghildyal (leader)
  • Ms Sarah Croft (PhD student)
  • Ms Cynthia Mathew (PhD student)
  • Ms Shadi Shahriari (PhD student)
  • Mr Tim Veldre (Honours student)

Reena group photo


The focus of Reena's research is molecular pathogenesis of respiratory viruses with special reference to asthma exacerbations. Current projects include the validation of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine candidates in vitro and in vivo; elucidating the role of cytoskeleton in RSV assembly, investigating the role of rhinovirus (HRV) proteases in disease.

Reena collaborates with research groups within Australia (Monash University, University of Queensland, Telethon Kids Institute) and Internationally (University of South Florida, University of Georgia, Imperial College, Fudan University) and her research has been funded by National Institutes of Health-USA, National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia-China Strategic Research Fund, Australia-India Science & Technology Research Fund, and Endeavour College of Natural Health.

respiratory image


  • Human rhinovirus modulation of cell death pathways.
  • Molecular basis of asthma
  • Respiratory syncytial virus: host pathogen interface


  • Professor Ralph Tripp, University of Georgia, USA
  • Associate Professor Michael Teng, University of South Florida, USA
  • Professor Hongzhou Lu, WHO Centre for Emerging Diseases, China
  • Professor Zhenghong Yuan, Fudan University, China
  • Dr Kazuhiro Ito, Pulmocide Pty Ltd, UK
  • Professor David Jans, Monash University
  • Professor John Mills, AM, Monash University
  • Professor Philip Bardin, Monash University
  • Associate Professor Anthony Kicic, Telethon Kids Institute
  • Dr Kevin Looi, Telethon Kids Institute
  • Associate Professor Kirsten Spann, Queensland University of Technology


  • Endeavour College of Natural Health Project Grant. Natural Exportin 1(XPO1) inhibitors as antiviral agents against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
  • Pulmocide Pty Ltd, short project. Interaction between the RSV matrix protein and the polymerase complex.
  • Australian Postgraduate Award PhD scholarships to Sarah Croft and Shadi Shahriari.