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Chirality Group


Our group has interest in the development of new chemical production routes and products that consume less of the resources of nature and minimize risks on human health and our environment either during manufacturing or during or after functional use of the chemicals. Our routes include non-conventional flash chemistry process where the miniaturization of the catalytic reactions and chiral analysis are performed in integrated systems of micro-reactors for chiral drug development and combinatorial approaches. Our approaches to access enantiomerically pure compounds include enzyme and metal catalysis. This is followed by chiral analysis to assess the enantiomeric purity of the product using GC, HPLC and CE equipped with new chiral stationary phases consisting of polymer and silica monolith. The group has also interest in integrated technologies to analyze dry blood spots. This is a result of the innovation connection grant with MyHealthtest as well as the recently awarded $8.7 M CRC-P entitled “Next generation dried blood-spot testing using LC/MS”


  • Commercialization of diagnostic tests
  • Next generation of dried blood spot pathology testing using LC-MS
  • Synthesis of new chiral dirhodium catalysts for asymmetric catalysis
  • Chiral separation of pharmaceuticals using new chiral stationary phases
  • Lipase catalysis


  • Department of industry, innovation and Science (CRC-P)
  • STREM Chemicals
  • Australian Academy of Science