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The International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI) is part of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra.

IPSI conducts research related to poetry and publishes and promulgates the outcomes of this research internationally. The Institute also publishes poetry and interviews with poets, as well as related material, from around the world. Publication of such material takes place in IPSI's online journal Axon: Creative Explorations, and through other vehicles, such as special journal issues and IPSI's chapbook series.

IPSI's goals include working—collaboratively, where possible—to further the appreciation and understanding of poetry, poetic language and the cultural and social significance of poetry. The institute also organises symposia, seminars, readings and other poetry-related activities and events.

IPSI aims to develop new communities of poetry and to make new links between poets wherever they are. It aims to celebrate the complexity and variety of poetry and, while doing so, to bring poetry to the attention of as wide an audience as possible.

Mission Statement

IPSI investigates, values and disseminates poetry and research into poetry throughout the world. IPSI:

  • builds understandings about the connections between poetry and knowledge
  • raises the profile of poetry as a university-based discipline
  • develops connections with Australian and international research organisations with an interest in poetry
  • develops connections with Australian and international poetry organisations to enhance knowledge about and the dissemination of poetry
  • publishes poetry and writings about poetry of a high quality
  • convenes seminars, short courses, public lectures, public readings, symposia and other events primarily focused on contemporary poetry
  • mentors poets, research students and early career academics whose interest lies in research about poetry and the production and dissemination of poetry

Continuing Programs

IPSI will:

  • conduct and publish original research into poetry, focusing on contemporary poets and their writing
  • publish the international online journal, Axon: Creative Explorations (
  • conduct, publish and otherwise disseminate interviews with poets from around the world
  • maintain an International Poetry Studies Institute website, publish poems and material related to poetry, including interviews, on the website
  • publish anthologies and chapbooks of poetry
  • cooperate with universities and other educational institutions nationally and internationally to facilitate and participate in tertiary educational programs related to poetry
  • cooperate with poetry centres, institutions, and other poetry organisations within Australia and worldwide.

The acronym 'IPSI'

'IPSI' is a scholarly and non-commercial institute of poetry and research into poetry under the auspices of the University of Canberra. Use of the acronym 'IPSI' does not imply any connection with or endorsement by products, services or organisations that use the same acronym. Use is without prejudice to any holder of a trade mark or statutorily protected identifier that features the acronym 'IPSI'. Use is consistent with Australian intellectual property law and international conventions regarding such use.


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