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Creative Sustainable Communities

The Creative Sustainable Communities theme focuses on creative responses to the diverse challenges facing individuals, communities and the environment. Researchers engage with these challenges through creative practice that generates sustainable responses. Projects focus on: play and creativity; interventions for sustainable futures and Indigenous narrative and inclusion.

Research Projects

Play, Creativity and Wellbeing Projects

Investigators: Associate Professor Cathy Hope, Associate Professor Bethaney Turner, Dr Denise Thwaites, and Dr Sam Hinton
Funding: Various projects ACT Government

Home Economix: A Lab for Decentralising Public and Community Art Through Domestic Spaces

Chief Investigators: Denise Thwaites (UC), Fanke Peng (UC), Jessica Herrington, Anna Madeleine, Daniel Savage, Kate Matthews, Adelaide Rief and Josh Harle
Funder: Australia Council for the Arts

Home Economix is an Australian network of media artists, curators, designers, researchers, creative technologists and writers, exploring digital and mixed reality (XR) interventions in domestic and public space. Our founding members are Jess Herrington, Anna Madeleine Raupach, Kate Matthews, Daniel Savage and Denise Thwaites, with the support of Tactical Space Lab, Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres, the University of Canberra and Australia Council for the Arts.

ACT Creative Industries Assessment

Investigators: Professor Jason Bainbridge (CI), Associate Professor Cathy Hope, Professor Jen Webb, Dr Vahri McKenzie, Assistant Professor Denise Thwaites, Dr Ben Ennis Butler, Professor Robert Tanton, Professor Lain Dare, Associate Professor Leonie Pearson, Associate Professor Yogi Vidyattama, Dr Stephen Cassidy, Dr Jee Young Lee
Funder: ACT Government

Research Leaders

  • Associate Professor Cathy Hope
  • Associate Professor Bethaney Turner
  • Dr Denise Thwaites
  • Professor Jen Webb