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So what do you do?

So what do you do?: Tracking creative graduate outcomes in Australia and the UK's Creative and Cultural Industries

This project plans to analyse national graduate employment in Australia's creative and cultural industries, and compare the utility of 'creative' and 'cultural' models for tracking employment outcomes. Although the image of work in the creative and cultural industries is attractive to students and course planners alike, international evidence suggests graduates face very poor employment prospects. The project plans to use a proven model for mapping creative graduates to compare the value of creative degrees for the creative workforce in two nations, Australia and the United Kingdom; and to use sophisticated quantitative analysis of national datasets and interviews to produce a comprehensive study of creative graduate work. The three year project will produce the first ever international mapping of graduate creative work using the 2009 UNESCO framework for cultural statistics.

In 2016 the team commenced modelling Australian GDS and Census data and presented a panel at the International Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference, University of Sydney, in December 2016.

Investigators: Distinguished Prof Jen Webb (Lead CI, Director CCCR), Prof Jonathan Corcoran (Director of the Queensland Centre for Population Research, UQ), Prof Alessandra Faggian (Director of the Social Sciences, Gran Sasso Institute, Italy) Dr Roberta Comunian (Kings College, UK), Emeritus Professor Phil Lewis (BGL, UC)
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2018