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Research projects

Haig Park Experiments

UC Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope (Lead), A/Prof Bethaney Turner, Dr Kate Holland
Funding: Canberra Renewal Authority, ACT Government
Partners: Tait Network, Ainslie & Gorman Arts Centres, Dionysus Movement

Heritage of the Air: How aviation transformed Australia

UC Investigators: Associate Professor Tracy Ireland (Lead CI, UC), Associate Professor Tim Sherratt (UC), Professor Ross Gibson (UC)
Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, 2018–2020
Partners: Airsevices Australia, National Museum of Australia, SFO Museum and the Civil Aviation Historical Society (CAHS)

Creative Arts and Trauma

Investigators: Mr Ian Drayton, Associate Professor Jordan Williams, Associate Professor Tony Eaton
Funding: Australian Government Department of Defence, 2016–2023

Laser Cleaning Processes for Roads and Maritime Services Bridges

UC Investigators: Dr Alison Wain
Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Grant
Partners: ANU, USyd, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANTSO) and Roads and Maritime Services (now Transport for NSW)

Utilitarian Filmmaking in Australia 1945–1980

Investigators: Professor Ross Gibson (Lead CI); Associate Professor Michael Broderick; Associate Professor Deane Williams; Professor Joseph Masco 
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2020

The Play, Creativity and Wellbeing Project

Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope, Associate Professor Jordan Williams, Assistant Professor Bethaney Turner, Assistant Professor Sam Hinton
Funding: Various projects ACT Government

Projects in Applied Narrative and Simulation

Investigators: Centenary Professor Ross Gibson and Dr Teresa Crea
Partners: Industry collaborators have included the Royal Adelaide Hospital, CAE (Canadian Aviation Electronics); Calvary Hospital (ACT) Department of Defence - Australian Army; the Asia-Pacific Simulation Alliance; and Simulation Australasia

Story Ground: using oral and written story practices to engage Indigenous community members with university study

Investigators: Dr Jen Crawford, Dr Paul Collis and Dr Jordan Williams
Funding: Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, Commonwealth Department of Communications and the Arts, 2017–2019

So what do you do?: Tracking creative graduate outcomes in Australia and the UK's Creative and Cultural Industries

Investigators: Professor Jen Webb; Associate Professor Scott Brook (Lead CI, RMIT); Associate Professor Jonathan Corcoran; Dr Roberta Comunian; Professor Alessandra Faggian; Professor Philip Lewis
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2019

Working the field: Creative graduates in Australia and China

Investigators: Professor Jen Webb & Associate Professor Scott Brook, University of Canberra, Professor Justin O'Connor, Monash University (Lead CI) and Professor Shilian Shan, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP150101477) 2015–2017

Promoting Unity and Harmony Among the South Sudanese Australians

Investigators: Dr Nawal El-Gack, Dr Judy Hemming and Gabriel Yak
Funding: Department of Social Services

Connecting the Nation: Australia's aviation heritage

Investigators: Assoc Prof Tracy Ireland with Assoc Prof Mitchell Whitelaw, Dr Alison Wain and Prof Paul Ashton (UTS)
Funding: Consultancy for Airservices Australia

Understanding creative excellence: A case study in poetry

Creativity is the engine of a healthy and successful society. In order to learn how best to encourage and generate creativity, there needs to be a greater understanding of how successful creative professionals operate. This project focuses on poets as a case study that will inform the development of ways to enhance creativity in other professional groups.
Investigators: Prof Jen Webb and Assoc Prof Paul Magee, UC; Prof Kevin Brophy, University of Melbourne; Prof Michael Biggs, University of Hertfordshire.
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2013–2016.

Interactive visualisation for text mining and analysis

Investigator: Assoc Professor Mitchell Whitelaw
Funding: Research contract under the UC-NICTA umbrella agreement, 2012-2015.

Re-casting terra nullius blindness: Empowering Indigenous protocols and knowledge in built environment education

Investigators: Assoc Professor David Jones and Assoc Professor Richard Tucker, Deakin University; Professor Darryl Low Choy, Griffith; Dr Scott Heyes, UC; Assoc Professor Grant Revell, UWA.
Funding: OLT Grant 2012-2014 (led by Deakin University)

Discover the Queenslander

The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the Brisbane Courier (now The Courier-Mail) and was published from 1866–1939. This showcase features nearly 1000 coloured covers and illustrated pages from The Queenslander newspaper which can be explored by year, topic and colour.
Funding: Digital collections research project, State Library of Queensland, 2014.
Investigator: Assoc Prof Mitchell Whitelaw

Australian Prints and Printmaking visualisation project

Funding: Contracted research for the National Gallery of Australia (FAD Micro Linkage project), 2013.
Investigators: Assoc Professor Mitchell Whitelaw and Ben Ennis Butler

Mapping country, culture, and stories around the mount and surrounds

A seed project for the development of an Aboriginal living cultural centre in the lower south east, Mt Gambier City Council, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Scott Heyes

Boardercross binding research project for SOCHI Winter Olympic Games

Collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sports, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Carlos Montana Hoyos (with the UC Industrial Design Team).

Skeleton sport equipment research project for SOCHI Winter Olympic Games

Collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sports, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Carlos Montana Hoyos (with the UC Industrial Design Team).