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Research Projects

Everyday Heritage ARC Discovery Project

Chief Investigators: Professor Tracy Ireland (lead), Associate Professor Tim Sherratt, Professor Jane Lydon (UWA), Associate Professor Kate Bagnall (UTAS)
Partner Investigator: Sharon Veale (GML Heritage)
Funder: Australian Research Council
Partners: GML Heritage, University of Tasmania and University of Western Australia

City Place Management Community Engagement Manager (2022-2025)

Chief Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope
Funder: Dionysus Cultural Development

Ginninderry Living Lab Research Framework (2022-2023)

Chief Investigators: Dr Bethaney Turner, Professor Barbara Norman, Dr Cathy Hope, Dr Vahri Mckenzie, Dr Kate Bishop (UNSW), Associate Professor Gavin Smith (ANU)
Funder: Riverview Projects 
Partners: University of New South Wales, Australian National University, Riverview Projects

ACT Creative Industries

ACT Creative Industries Research (2021-2023)

UC partnered with the ACT Government to outline the current, state, scope and potential of the creative industries in the ACT to identify the ACT’s competitive advantage and future opportunities for, and constraints to, growing jobs in this sector.

Terrestrial Urbanism

Dairy Road: Terrestrial Urbanism - Creative Work (2022)

Chief Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope
Partners: Molonglo Group

Terrestrial Urbanism

Intergenerational Play Space Design (2022)

Chief Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope
Partners: Ginninderry/Riverview Development, Redbox Design

Surface Urban Arts Festival

Surface Urban Art Festival (4-6 March 2022)

Chief Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope
Partners: Transport Canberra and City Services

Creative Recovery Forum

Creative Recovery and Resilience Forum

UC Investigators: Dr Vahri McKenzie, Dr Cathy Hope
Partners: ACT Government, artsACT's Creative Recovery and Resilience Program, Regional Arts Fund

Sustainable Shine Dome

UC Investigators: Professor Michael Jasper and Professor Tracy Ireland
Funder: National Heritage Grants, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Partners: The Australian Academy of Science, GML Heritage, GHD Group


UC Investigators: Associate Professor Tony Eaton, Associate Professor Jordan Williams, Mr Ian Drayton
Funding: The Hospital Research Foundation
Partners: LivingWorks, Phoenix Australia, Military and Emergency Services Health Australia

Arts for Recovery Resilience Teamwork and Skill (ARRTS)

Investigators: Associate Professor Tony Eaton, Mr Ian Drayton, Associate Professor Jordan Williams, Associate Professor Paul Magee
Funding: Australian Government Department of Defence, 2016–2023

ACT Coat of Arms Project

Chief Investigators: Professor Tracy Ireland and Mr Hakim Abdul Rahim
Funder: ACT Government

Play, Creativity and Wellbeing Projects

Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope, Associate Professor Bethaney Turner, Dr Denise Thwaites and Dr Sam Hinton
Funding: Various projects ACT Government

Heritage of the Air: How aviation transformed Australia (ARC LP)

UC Investigators: Professor Tracy Ireland (Lead CI, UC), Associate Professor Tim Sherratt (UC), Professor Ross Gibson (UC), Dr Ben Ennis-Butler
Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Project, 2018–2021
Partners: AirSevices Australia, National Museum of Australia, SFO Museum and the Civil Aviation Historical Society (CAHS)

Archives in Bark: Carved and Inscribed Kimberley Boab Trees (ARC SRI)

Chief Investigators: Sue O’Connor (Lead CI, ANU), Ursula Frederick (UC), Jane Balme (UWA) and Melissa Marshall (UNDA)
Funder: Australian Research Council and ANU

Laser Cleaning Processes for Roads and Maritime Services Bridges (ARC LP)

UC Investigators: Dr Alison Wain
Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Project
Partners: ANU (Lead), USyd, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANTSO) and Roads and Maritime Services (now Transport for NSW)

Mind the Gap: Aligning legislation, values and risk management for the preservation of utilitarian heritage

Chief Investigator: Alison Wain (UC)

ACT Creative Industries Assessment

Investigators: Professor Jason Bainbridge (CI), Associate Professor Cathy Hope, Professor Jen Webb, Dr Vahri McKenzie, Assistant Professor Denise Thwaites, Dr Ben Ennis Butler, Professor Robert Tanton, Professor Lain Dare, Associate Professor Leonie Pearson, Associate Professor Yogi Vidyattama, Dr Stephen Cassidy, Dr Jee Young Lee
Funder: ACT Government & University of Canberra

Creative Recovery and Resilience Residences

Investigators: Assoc. Prof. Cathy Hope, Assistant Professor Denise Thwaites, Dr Vahri McKenzie
Emerging Creative Producer: Zora/Linyi Pang
Artists in Residence: Zhi Cham, Melanie Lane, Miriam Slater, Kirsten Wehner
Partners: ArtsACT & Belconnen Arts Centre

Creative Recovery and Resilience Forum

Investigators: Assoc. Prof Cathy Hope, Assistant Professor Denise Thwaites, Dr Vahri McKenzie
Forum Producer: Kiri Morcombe
Writer in Residence: Simone Penkethman
Partners: ArtsACT

Difficult Conversations

What role can the arts and creativity play in navigating unresolved concerns, ongoing debates and controversial questions for our communities?

Exploring complex topics, from reconciliation and truth-telling in the context of colonialism to polarising social or political issues, this symposium will feature exchanges between leading artists and researchers from Australia and Northern Ireland about difficult conversations we, as a globally connected society, need to have today.

The launch

A livestreamed panel discussion will open the event featuring a conversa­tion between university leaders and artists from Canberra and Ulster.

Time: 8:30am–9:30am (GMT) / 7.30pm–8.30pm (AEDT)
Date:  Thursday 24 March 2022
Location: online

Launch speakers:
Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Paddy Nixon, University of Canberra
Chancellor Dr Colin Davidson, Ulster University
Chancellor Professor Tom Calma, AO, University of Canberra
Distinguished Professor Jen Webb, University of Canberra
Dr Paul Collis, University of Canberra
Dr Louise Wallace, Ulster University
Dr Sandra Johnston, Ulster University
Moderator: Cara Kirkwood, National Gallery of Australia

The symposium

Time and date: 9.30am–4.30pm, Friday 25 March 2022 (AEDT)
Reception: 4:30pm–5:30pm
Location:Ann Harding Conference Centre, Building 24 University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

The website

More information about the program can be found on the website and content will related to the topics will be available.

Ulster University

University of Canberra

Home Economix: A Lab for Decentralising Public and Community Art Through Domestic Spaces

Chief Investigators: Denise Thwaites (UC), Fanke Peng (UC), Jessica Herrington, Anna Madeleine, Daniel Savage, Kate Matthews, Adelaide Rief and Josh Harle
Funder: Australia Council for the Arts

Haig Park Experiments

UC Investigators: Dr Cathy Hope (Lead), Associate Professor Bethaney Turner, Dr Kate Holland, Dr Denise Thwaites
Funding: Canberra Renewal Authority, ACT Government
Partners: Tait Network, Ainslie & Gorman Arts Centres, Dionysus Movement

Utilitarian Filmmaking in Australia 1945–1980

Investigators: Professor Ross Gibson (Lead CI); Associate Professor Michael Broderick; Associate Professor Deane Williams; Professor Joseph Masco 
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2020

Economythologies – MoneyLab#X 

Chief Investigators: Dr Denise Thwaites
Funder: Western Sydney University

Dickson Living Rooms

Chief Investigators: Dr Ben Ennis Butler and Mr Max Maxwell
Funder: City Renewal Authority (CRA) Dickson Grant, ACT Govt

Projects in Applied Narrative and Simulation

Investigators: Centenary Professor Ross Gibson and Dr Teresa Crea
Partners: Industry collaborators have included the Royal Adelaide Hospital, CAE (Canadian Aviation Electronics); Calvary Hospital (ACT) Department of Defence - Australian Army; the Asia-Pacific Simulation Alliance; and Simulation Australasia

Evaluation of 'Easy P' Volunteer Driving Program

Chief Investigators: Bethaney Turner
Funder: Belconnen Community Services

Story Ground: using oral and written story practices to engage Indigenous community members with university study

Investigators: Dr Jen Crawford, Dr Paul Collis and Dr Jordan Williams
Funding: Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, Commonwealth Department of Communications and the Arts, 2017–2019

So what do you do?: Tracking creative graduate outcomes in Australia and the UK's Creative and Cultural Industries

Investigators: Professor Jen Webb; Associate Professor Scott Brook (Lead CI, RMIT); Associate Professor Jonathan Corcoran; Dr Roberta Comunian; Professor Alessandra Faggian; Professor Philip Lewis
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2019

Working the field: Creative graduates in Australia and China

Investigators: Professor Jen Webb & Associate Professor Scott Brook, University of Canberra, Professor Justin O'Connor, Monash University (Lead CI) and Professor Shilian Shan, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP150101477) 2015–2017

Promoting Unity and Harmony Among the South Sudanese Australians

Investigators: Dr Nawal El-Gack, Dr Judy Hemming and Gabriel Yak
Funding: Department of Social Services

Connecting the Nation: Australia's aviation heritage

Investigators: Assoc Prof Tracy Ireland with Assoc Prof Mitchell Whitelaw, Dr Alison Wain and Prof Paul Ashton (UTS)
Funding: Consultancy for Airservices Australia

Understanding creative excellence: A case study in poetry

Creativity is the engine of a healthy and successful society. In order to learn how best to encourage and generate creativity, there needs to be a greater understanding of how successful creative professionals operate. This project focuses on poets as a case study that will inform the development of ways to enhance creativity in other professional groups.
Investigators: Prof Jen Webb and Assoc Prof Paul Magee, UC; Prof Kevin Brophy, University of Melbourne; Prof Michael Biggs, University of Hertfordshire.
Funding: Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2013–2016.

Interactive visualisation for text mining and analysis

Investigator: Assoc Professor Mitchell Whitelaw
Funding: Research contract under the UC-NICTA umbrella agreement, 2012-2015.

Re-casting terra nullius blindness: Empowering Indigenous protocols and knowledge in built environment education

Investigators: Assoc Professor David Jones and Assoc Professor Richard Tucker, Deakin University; Professor Darryl Low Choy, Griffith; Dr Scott Heyes, UC; Assoc Professor Grant Revell, UWA.
Funding: OLT Grant 2012-2014 (led by Deakin University)

Discover the Queenslander

The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the Brisbane Courier (now The Courier-Mail) and was published from 1866–1939. This showcase features nearly 1000 coloured covers and illustrated pages from The Queenslander newspaper which can be explored by year, topic and colour.
Funding: Digital collections research project, State Library of Queensland, 2014.
Investigator: Assoc Prof Mitchell Whitelaw

Australian Prints and Printmaking visualisation project

Funding: Contracted research for the National Gallery of Australia (FAD Micro Linkage project), 2013.
Investigators: Assoc Professor Mitchell Whitelaw and Ben Ennis Butler

Mapping country, culture, and stories around the mount and surrounds

A seed project for the development of an Aboriginal living cultural centre in the lower south east, Mt Gambier City Council, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Scott Heyes

Boardercross binding research project for SOCHI Winter Olympic Games

Collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sports, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Carlos Montana Hoyos (with the UC Industrial Design Team).

Skeleton sport equipment research project for SOCHI Winter Olympic Games

Collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sports, 2013.
Investigator: Dr Carlos Montana Hoyos (with the UC Industrial Design Team).