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Members of the Centre come from diverse disciplines and specialties across the Faculty of Arts and Design and also include Higher Degree Research candidates

Jen Webb

Distinguished Professor, Creative Practice

Director, CCCR

  • relationship between the field of artistic production   and the wider social domain
  • connections between creative practice and human rights;   globalisation
  • links between creative practice and research

Paul Hetherington

Professor, Writing

Head, International Poetry Studies Institute

  • understanding creative practice
  • new publishing technologies
  • autobiographical memory
  • imagery and creativity
  • poetry and life writing

Tracy Ireland

Associate Professor, Heritage, Museums & Conservation

Head, Future Heritage

  • interpretation,   conservation and ethics of archaeology
  • the cultural   politics of the past
  • heritage   management
  • cultural   landscapes

Scott Brook

Associate Professor, Writing

Head, Cultural Vocations and Communities

  • Vietnamese–Australian cultural production
  • modern discourses on creativity
  • the Australian literary field
  • governmentality studies
  • cultural policy studies
  • Pierre Bourdieu
stephen barass 

Stephen Barrass

Associate Professor, Media Arts & Production

  • physical computing and personal fabrication
  • data sonification, visualisation and haptics
  • biomimetic design and ecological arts
  • augmented and virtual reality
  • biofeedback in sports and fitness
  • digital design and media

Greg Battye

Professor, Creative and Cultural Practice

  • visual   imagery and interactive visual information in courts and other legal settings
  • photography   and narrative
  • narrative   theory

Jennifer Crawford

Assistant Professor, Journalism and Creative Writing

  • contemporary creative and experimental writing
  • poetics, environment and the body
  • poetry

Teresa Crea

Research Associate
  • digitally augmented environments
  • applied narrative and writing
  • simulation and dramaturgy

Adam Dickerson

Assistant Professor, Communication

  • comparisons   between Eastern and Western philosophy
  • philosophy   of language
  • history of   philosophy
  • epistemology

Tony Eaton

Associate Professor, Creative Writing

  • children's, young adult, and crossover fiction
  • understanding creative practice
  • young and emergent writers

Nawal El-Gack

Assistant Professor, International Studies

  • politics of civil Society and Indigenous knowledge
  • agroforestry and rural development
  • microfinance and risk management
  • development in practice
  • political economy

Ross Gibson

Centenary Professor in Creative & Cultural Research

  • history of environmental consciousness in colonial   cultures, particularly in Australia and the Pacific
  • film   studies, digital media and large-screen environments
  • Narrative   and memory in placemaking
  • contemporary arts

Raghavendra Gudur

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

  • cognitive aspects of ageing, older users and interface   design
  • designing for diversity/inclusive design methodologies
  • design methodologies for intuitive interaction
  • design pedagogy

Scott Heyes

Associate Professor, Cultural Heritage

  • Indigenous, cultural and heritage landscapes and   seascapes
  • historical modification of the land by Indigenous   Australians
  • ethnographic research methods
  • anthropology of landscape
  • virtual storytelling

Sam Hinton

Assistant Professor, Media Arts & Production

  • computer games and playful media
  • interactive data visualisation
  • social uses of mobile apps
  • cultural interfaces
  • network histories
  • social media

Cathy Hope

Lecturer Communication

  • the history of Australia's alternative media   institutions
  • play and creativity

Adam Hughes Henry

Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, International Studies
  • Australian social, political and foreign policy history
  • international diplomatic history
  • propaganda and genocide
  • Cold War

Michael Jasper

Associate Professor, Architecture

  • problems and devices of composition in mid twentieth   century architecture
  • historiography of Renaissance architecture
  • The art of city design
  • modernist thought

Paul Magee

Associate Professor, Writing

  • philosophy and history of aesthetics and   knowledge
  • the   relation between poetry and knowledge
  • political   theory and cultural studies

Carlos Montana Hoyos

Associate Professor, Industrial Design

  • design   management and sustainability
  • strategic   design and design thinking
  • design and   cultural identity
  • eco and   bio design
  • industrial   design
Paul Munden 

Paul Munden

Postdoctoral Fellow, Journalism and Creative Writing
  • development of creative writing as a discipline in UK universities
  • Poetry as a medium for biographical study
  • work of poets and other writers in schools
  • Poetry in partnership with other arts

Fanke Peng

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

  • Visual thinking and analysis
  • User experience design

Lisa Scharoun

Associate Professor, Media and Graphic Design

  • utopian   concepts in contemporary graphic design strategy
  • repurposing   design in the urban visual culture
  • Global   graphic design strategy
  • visual   communications

Tim Sherratt

Associate Professor, Digital Heritage

  • using digital   tools to create new cultural experiences and new forms of publications
  • exploring how digitisation projects change our   relationship with the past
  • digital heritage

Shane Strange

Teaching Fellow, Writing
  • Short fiction and short fiction writing
  • Cultural representations of the city
  • creative labour and cultural work
  • subjectivity and creative practice

Siew Tan

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

  • contact, corpus and historical linguistics
  • world and Aboriginal englishes
  • second-language acquisition
  • educational sociolinguistics
  • corpus-based lexicography

Susan Thwaites

Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Production

  • Cinematography
  • Screen   Studies
  • Screenwriting
  • Adaptation

Bethaney Turner

Assistant Professor, International Studies

  • Alternative food networks (Community Gardens, Farmers'   Markets etc)
  • Human/More-than-Human relationships
  • Digital food cultures
  • Creative ecologies
  • Social Movements

Alison Wain

Lecturer, Heritage Conservation

  • development of materials conservation practice and   conservation science
  • laser in analysis and cleaning of material culture
  • preservation of intangible and digital heritage
  • significance and values of heritage

Jordan Williams

Associate Professor

Associate Dean Postgraduate Studies

  • Digital poetry and poetics
  • Writing and wellbeing

Susan Boden

Adjunct Professional Associate

  • landscape architecture

Steve Burroughs

Adjunct Associate Professor

  • design and development of alternative housing
  • Architecture

Stephen Cassidy

Adjunct Professional Associate

  • community arts and Community Cultural Development (CCD)
  • creative industries and innovation
  • Indigenous culture

Christine Clark

Adjunct Professional Associate

  • Southeast and South Asian modern and contemporary art
  • museum studies and management
  • portraiture and biography

Simon Cunich

Professional Associate

  • documentary filmmaking

Brian Egloff

Adjunct Professor, Cultural Heritage

  • cultural heritage management

Niloofar Fanaiyan

Visiting Fellow

  • Poetry including poetic practice across languages and forms
  • Dreams and creative practice
  • Narrative theory

Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Professional Associate

  • creative/cultural research integrating science and arts
  • exhibition installation, design and curatoration
  • project management

Dianne Firth

Adjunct Assoc. Professor

  • theory and practice of landscape architecture
  • heritage landscapes
  • landscape and art
  • textile arts

Jo Hanisch

Adjunct Assoc. Professor

  • information systems project management
  • digital information management
  • information management policy

Maya Haviland

Adjunct Professional Associate

  • community cultural development
  • creative practice
  • anthropology

Subhash Jaireth

Adjunct Assoc. Professor

  • Russian language and literature
  • creative writing
  • cultural studies

Rina Kikuchi

Visiting Fellow

  • Comparative Literature
  • Modern and Contemporary Women's Poetry
  • European literature
  • Contemporary Irish Poetry

Satendra Nandan

Emeritus Professor

  • Fijian culture and politics
  • Creative writing

Naikan Tao

Adjunct Professional Associate

  • Chinese literature and culture
  • literary translation

Hakim Abdul Rahim

PhD candidate, Cultural Heritage & Museums Studies

Taking Root in Non Place: Botanical Collections in Contemporary Australian Universities

Wayne Applebee

PhD candidate

The Virtual Tribe: On Becoming Aboriginal On-line

Elizabeth Bellamy

PhD candidate, Creative Writing and Cultural Theory 

Escaping the whirlpool of shame: obstacles in the journey from isolation to intimacy

Tessa Bell

PhD candidate, Creative and Cultural Practice

An exploration of the relationship between materiality and digital preservation.

Lauren Briggs

Masters of Applied Arts and Humanities (Research) 

How do intertextual references to non-Australian literature in Australian Young Adult fiction function in relation to national identity and representation in literature?

Louise Curham

PhD candidate, Creative Practice

Tending the archive': exploring the problem of preserving ephemeral cultural heritage in a manner that is meaningful to a community of users or practitioners.

Caren Florance

PhD candidate, Creative Practice

Material poetics in relation to artists' books.

Martin Doolan

PhD candidate, Creative Practice

My research focuses on the mechanisms of memory that are currently accepted in cognitive psychology and on the techniques of lyric poetry as they relate to the depiction of memory: how it is recorded and how it is recalled.

Thomas Gibson

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

Exploring the concepts of psychological theories of identity development, in particular the theories of narrative identity and the life story model, to deconstruct the presentation of identity in fiction read by Australian adolescents.

Beaux Guarini

PhD candidate, Humanities (Museum Studies)

This project explores the gap in knowledge between understanding how authentic museum objects versus those acquired for educative purposes as well as replicas and reproductions affect the sensory, social, emotional and intellectual responses of adults with vision impairment.

Donna Hanson

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

My research examines feminism in popular romance fiction and will focus on key themes of agency and/or equality in popular romance fiction from the 1970s, 1980s to the present (realist fiction).

Rebecca Hawcroft

PhD candidate, Digital Treasures

My PhD is focused on digitised collections and their ability to connect to places and place values.

Robyn Higgins

PhD candidate, Creative Practice

An adaption of the critical practice framework of Cultural Safety (as defined by the Nursing Council of New Zealand) from its application in the health sector to the Australian arts sector.

Meghan Long

PhD candidate, Cultural Heritage

My project will explore how the concept of 'Irishness' is represented in Australian heritage sites and cultural institutions.

Ian McHugh

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

Australian fantasy fiction as a literature of unbelonging

Tim Napper

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

The Chinese Century: Narratives on the Rise of China in the Literature of East and Southeast Asia.

Rhonda Nicholls

PhD candidate

Exploring Fijian children's sense of place, home and displacement after Hurricane Winston through stories, drawings and Talanoa.

Shane Strange

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

Is there a space for a radical construction of the subject with in the critical literature on creative labour?

Macarena de la Vega de León

PhD candidate, Architecture

The contribution of William Curtis to the historiography of modern architecture.

Claire Wilson

PhD candidate, Creative Writing

Poetry writing practice and cultural adjustment: investigating experiences of settling in.

Recent graduates

Owen Bullock
Monica Carroll
Paul Collis
Niloofar Fanaiyan