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Poetry on the Move: Translation workshop

Workshop Leader: Subhash Jaireth

Tuesday 1 September 2pm
Building 20, Level B, Room 20B3

A literary translation is an event of co-being of two languages and experiences. Its first aim, according to Perry Link, is to grasp the original well and then turn to the needs of the readers of the second language. No translation is perfect. Translators have to make value judgements in deciding what to leave out and what to keep. Their main aim is to create a comparable literary experience. In this workshop participants will attempt to translate a Russian poem ('Three Autumns') by Anna Akhmatova. Each poet will have access to three documents: the original poem in Russian; a line-by-line English paraphrase; and an audio recording of the Russian poem. In his brief introduction Subhash Jaireth will provide biographical, historical and cultural contexts within which the Russian poem was written. The workshop will be followed by another workshop six months later, when different translations will be discussed.

Short biography

Subhash Jaireth was born in India. He spent nine years in Moscow and moved to Canberra in 1986. He has published poetry, fiction and nonfiction in Hindi, Russian and English. He has published three collections of poetry: Yashodhara: Six Seasons Without You (2003), Unfinished Poems for Your Violin (1996), and Golee Lagne Se Pahle (1994, in Hindi).  His book, To Silence: Three Autobiographies, was published in 2011. Two plays adapted from the book were performed at Canberra's Street Theatre in 2012. His novel, After Love, was released in 2012.