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Murray-Darling Basin Futures Collaborative Research Network

murray darling river

MDBfutures (Murray-Darling Basin Futures Collaborative Research Network) is led by the University of Canberra and its research has contributed to knowledge for the sustainable development of the Murray-Darling Basin. The research has  focused on the critical task of building resilience in the Murray-Darling Basin.

As well as research achievements, MDBfutures staff have worked closely with communities and government end-users and the enduring relationships built through trust bode well for the ongoing impact of CRN research.

Measured by strong growth in research publications, grant funding, end-user relationships and new collaborations, to date, MDBfutures has met or exceeded its targets and delivered major benefits to UC.  There have also been numerous wider benefits and implications, including: shaping the UC approach to research partnerships generally; establishing a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration; developing enduring end-user partnerships and an understanding of framing research for policy impact; informing the strategy, governance and operations of our newest University research centre, UC Health Research Institute; and the establishment of UC CIRI, the Collaborative Indigenous Research Initiative.

With over half of the projects having drawn to a close in December 2015, we still expect to see a significant number of outputs achieved before this four year program officially finishes in May 2016. The program has been an outstanding success in growing research capacity and quality at UC.

A more complete summary of the achievements of MDBfutures researchers – extracted from our report to government - is included in the December 2015 newsletter.

MDBfutures is supported by the Australian Government's Collaborative Research Networks program.