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Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling an International Student's Enrolment Procedure
1. Purpose:
1.1.  This document sets out the procedures for assessing, approving and recording the deferring, suspending or cancelling of an international student’s enrolment.

1.2.  The University may defer or suspend a student’s enrolment where there are demonstrated compassionate or compelling circumstances,  including, but not limited to:
  • misbehaviour by the student
  • the student’s failure to pay an amount required to pay to undertake or continue the course as stated in the offer letter
  • a breach of course progress or attendance requirements
1.3.  Where the University is seeking to impose a suspension or cancellation, the suspension or cancellation will not be finalised until the internal appeals process is completed, unless the student’s health or wellbeing, or the wellbeing of others, is likely to be at risk.
2. Scope:
This procedure applies to all international students, holding a student visa and who are enrolled at the University of Canberra or the University of Canberra College.
3. Procedure:
3.1.  Deferring a course
  • An international student who wishes to defer their course must submit an application for ‘Leave from Study – Intermission for International Student Visa Holders’, located on the University website;
  • Students will need to provide evidence which supports their claim of compassionate or compelling circumstances;
  • The application will be assessed in accordance with the requirements specified under the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code 2018)
  • Students are required to remain enrolled in their course until their application has been assessed and they have been notified of the outcome;
  • Students will be notified the outcome of their application via their student email address
  • Where a student is approved for intermission the University will notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection by updating the Provider Registration International Student Management System (PRISMS); and place all relevant documentation on the student’s file.
  • Students who are not eligible for intermission will have the option to discontinue their course and reapply for admission at a later date.
3.2.  Academic progression
  • An international student who has not met satisfactory academic progress requirements will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s:
    • Academic Progress Procedure for Coursework Students; or
    • Academic Progress Procedures for University of Canberra College ELICOS and Foundation programs; or
    • Higher degrees by research progress and milestones policy and procedures.
3.3.  Non-payment of tuition fees
  • The International Student Fee Policy details the process in cases where a student has failed to pay an amount which was required to be paid to undertake or continue the course as stated in the offer letter
3.4. Misconduct
  • The University will deal with allegations of misconduct in accordance with the University of Canberra Student Conduct Rules.
4. Roles and Responsibilities:
The owner of this procedure is: Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President, Academic
The contact for this procedure is: Director, Student Connect
5. Implementation and Reporting:
These procedures will be monitored by the Manager, International Compliance, and updated when directed by the governing legislation.
8. Definitions:
Terms Definitions
Confirmation of Enrolment CoE The CoE is a document, provided electronically, which is issued by the University to intending overseas students and must accompany their application for a student visa. The CoE confirms the overseas student’s eligibility to enrol in the particular course of the University.
PRISMS The Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS) is the system used to process information given to the Secretary of the Department of Education by registered providers.