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Health and Wellbeing

Food Safety

Food safety at parties

Find out more on how to prevent food contamination at large gatherings.

ACT Government Health: Food Safety at Parties Info Sheet

Food safety at parties

Food Safety in hot weather

Find out more information on how to keep food safe in hot weather.

ACT Government Health: Summertime Food Safety Tips

Food safety when eating outdoors

Summer is a great time to enjoy a Barbeque. Find out more on how to take care in the preparation of food that is going to be eaten outdoors.

ACT Government Health: Food Safety when eating outdoors or barbequing Fact Sheet

Food temperatures

Certain foods need to be prepared, stored and displayed at a certain temperature. Find out more about the food danger zone temperature guideline.

ACT Government Health: Temperature Danger Zone Information

Packed lunches

Find out more information on how to prepare and store food that is brought from home.

ACT Government Health: Lunch from Home Fact Sheet