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Sexual Health & Pregnancy

Condoms & Consent

Do you have it?

Do the people that you are intimate with…

  • Ask what you want when it comes to sex and respect your boundaries? Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the person knows. No one should pressure or force you into doing anything sexual, or harm you physically.
  • Support your independence and interests? No one should keep you from your social life, work, or educational goals.

Sex should feel good for all partners and healthy relationships are ones that are supportive.

Important Numbers:

Domestic Violence Crisis Service Canberra: 24hrs crisis line 02 6280 0900

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre: 02 6247 2525

SAMSSA Support for men who have experienced sexual assault or past abuse:  02 6247 2525

UC Medical & Counselling: 02 6201 2351

Life line: 13 11 14

ACT Policing: Non-immediate response 131 444

Emergencies: 000

Sexual Health & Family Planning has information brochures related to many relevant topics, from Cervical Screening, STI'S through to contraception. Have a look at their website for more information.

Canberra Sexual Health Centre is a specialist clinic providing professional and non-judgmental care & provide free testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and are the region’s largest HIV outpatient service.

The University of Canberra Medical Centre provides free STI checks for all UC students. Book an appointment with a GP for further information by calling 6201 2351, or online, using the HOTDOC App.

We also provide free condoms at the UC Medical & Counselling Centre. There is a basket on the reception desk, where they are available.

With so many people not using condoms correctly, on average condoms are only 82% effective in preventing pregnancies. It also only takes one condom mishap to transmit an STI. As with many other things, with condoms, it's not simply what you have, it's how you use it.

Check out this article from Bruce Lee, on the Forbes website titled "15 wrong ways to celebrate international condom day."

The Tresillian QEII Family Centre provides a residential program for families with young children aged between 0 and 3, who experience postnatal and early childhood difficulties.

POSSUMS for parents with babies offers resources and consultations for help with breastfeedingsleep, babies who cry a lot, and maternal mood. Are you concerned that your baby has gas, colic, intolerances, reflux, or oral ties? POSSUMS can offer you gentle & highly effective help.

Information for pregnancy and delivery of baby

NB!! No alcohol and no smoking!The best advice is that pregnant women, or women trying to conceive, should avoid drinking alcohol. If you smoke, you should also give up. Discuss this with your doctor to help you quit.

Your Options

  • Private Obstetrician
  • Birthing Centre Canberra Hospital:  02 6244 3145 -  Information Sessions: Monday 3:30pm and Wednesday 11:30am
  • Antenatal Clinic Canberra Hospital: 02 6244 3466
  • Continuity of Midwifery Care Services: Calvary Birth Centre: 02 6264 7062 - Information sessions Mondays 5 – 6pm
  • Antenatal clinic Calvary Hospital:  02 6201 6359

Other things to do

  • Start pregnancy vitamins e.g. Nature’s Own Pregnancy Platinum, Elevit, Blackmores Pregnancy Gold.
  • Have blood tests.
  • Think about Downs Syndrome screening at 12 weeks – discuss this with your doctor for further information.


A quick reference - For more information go to:

Mercury in fish: It is suggested that pregnant women eat 2 – 3 serves of fish every week for the good health of themselves and their developing baby. Caution should be exercised when choosing the type of fish, you will eat. There are a few types of fish that need to be limited because they contain high levels of mercury, which is dangerous for the developing foetus.

Pregnant women should:

  • Limit to one serve (150g) per fortnight: billfish (swordfish, broadbill and marlin) and shark (flake), with no other fish eaten in that fortnight.
  • Limit to one serve (150g) per week: orange roughy (deep sea perch) or catfish, with no other fish eaten that week.

Women should not be worried if they’ve had the odd meal of fish with high levels of mercury. It is only a potential problem when that type of fish is eaten regularly, which causes a build-up of mercury in the mother’s blood.

Listeria infection: Listeria infection, or listeriosis, is an illness usually caused by eating food contaminated with bacteria known as Listeria monocytogenes. Healthy people may experience no ill-effects from listeria infection at all, but the risks are substantial for pregnant women. The greatest danger is to the unborn baby, with increased risk of miscarriage, still birth or premature labour. A listeria infection is easily treated with antibiotics, but prevention is best.
Some foods are more prone to contamination with listeria than others.

Exclude these foods from your diet if you are pregnant:

  • Soft cheeses like brie, camembert and ricotta – these are safe if served cooked and hot.
  • Precooked or pre-prepared cold foods that will not be reheated – for example, pre-prepared salads, pate, quiches and delicatessen meats like ham and salami.
  • Raw seafood such as oysters and sashimi or smoked seafood such as salmon (canned varieties are safe)
  • Unpasteurised foods.
  • Soft serve ice cream.

The organism that causes listeria infection is destroyed by heat, so properly cooked foods are not a risk.

Salmonella: Salmonella is a cause of food poisoning that can trigger miscarriage. The most likely sources of salmonella are raw eggs and undercooked meat and poultry.

For more information, go to Canberra Hospital maternity services.

Breast milk is best for your baby: Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA):
1800 686 268 or

Helpful Websites

Useful APPS

Below is a list of our favourite apps that you can download straight to your smartphone:

  • BabyBump Pregnancy Pro, iOS and Android, FREE.
  • My Pregnancy & Baby Today, iOS and Android, FREE.
  • What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker, iOS and Android, FREE.
  • Glow Nurture- Pregnancy Tracker, Due Date Calculator, iOS and Android, Free.

Breastfeeding APPS

  • Feed Safe APP, FREE
  • Baby Connect