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Event Date
Kirinari re-opens6th January 2022
Australia Day Public Holiday26th January 2022
Staff training day28th January 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes8th February 2022
Canberra Day Public Holiday14th March 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes16th March 2022
Working Bee and AGM19th March 2022
Good Friday Public Holiday15th April 2022
Easter Monday Public Holiday18th  April 2022
ANZAC Day Public Holiday25th April 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes27th April 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes23rd May 2022
Reconciliation Day Public Holiday30th May 2022
Working Bee4th June 2022
Kirinari's 48th Birthday11th June 2022
Queens Birthday Public Holiday13th June 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes17th June 2022
School photos20th to 24th June 2022
NAIDOC Week - Australians together3rd - 10th July 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes26th July 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes24th August 2022
Working Bee10th September 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes22nd September 2022
Labour Day Public Holiday3rd October 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes31st October 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes16th November 2022
Working Bee26th November 2022
Children's End of Year Party1st December 2022
Wiradjuri Echoes9th December 2022
Last day of care for 2022Close 6.00pm Friday 23rd December 2022
First day of care for 2020Open 8.00am Monday 9th January 2023