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Campus Community

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A cutting-edge, sustainable residential development will rise at the University of Canberra campus over the next two decades.

The University has signed an agreement with CIC Australia, Peet Limited's Canberra-based wholly owned subsidiary, which will see a multi-stage development of up to 3,300 residences constructed on campus over a 15 to 20-year period, starting in 2020. The gross value of the project is currently modelled to be $1.7 billion.

The project will mix a broad scale innovative residential development into the campus structure, giving staff, alumni and public the opportunity to live in housing topographies co-designed by leading architects, in a modern, progressive, sustainable and edgy community along with staff and students of the University. It will be a benchmark for contemporary living that demonstrates innovative planning and design in architecture, landscape and streetscape.

A mix of modern and progressive townhouses and units will be built, creating a lively and visually engaging residential community. These dwellings will be held up as attractive, innovative and sustainable living units, only made possible by their location in the special context of a university campus.

Students studying architecture, landscape architecture, building and construction management, urban planning and other relevant disciplines will be involved in project, making it one of the largest work-integrated learning projects in the history of Australian higher education.

When complete, residents will be able to use the cultural, sporting, education, health and retail amenities of the campus, and will be able to be part of a vibrant community where academics, students and a mix of generations intermingle in a common quest for life-long learning.

"Over the next 10-15 years, staff and students will work with the developers…to generate an evidence-based new way of urban living." - Stephen Parker

Project Benefits


The campus community project will provide a reference site on campus for research projects in housing design, urban design, community health and mental health policy studies. There will be a focus on research into the relevance of community and mental health housing design criteria.

The project will also fund a new professor position in urban design to take full advantage of the reference site for housing design, urban design and public health.

It is hoped that other development projects in Canberra will use the finished project as a reference point for the review of statutory planning laws and requirements.

Work-Integrated Learning 

Students studying architecture, landscape architecture, building and construction management, urban planning and other relevant disciplines will be involved in the project, making it one of the largest work-integrated learning projects in the history of Australian higher education.

Community Building

The project will enhance the vibrancy of the University's campus and further cement UC as a vital component of the nation's capital. It will provide greater housing and lifestyle options within the ACT and add another dimension to the Belconnen region.

The project will also include an integrated strategy for parking, traffic circulation and recreational space on campus, ensuring that it benefits the wider campus and ACT transport and roads network.

Student Experience

The project will create a more integrated and enriched university experience for students by blending the campus into the broader Belconnen and ACT community.


Sustainable practices and design elements will be incorporated into the project to ensure the enhancements made to the environment and landscape in and around UC are viable.


UC signs $1.7bn residential development agreement


UC Design Protocols
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