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Campus Vision

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By 2030, the University of Canberra's (UC) Bruce campus will be an extraordinary place. People from around the world will visit and experience a new community where people, young and old, live an educated life.

Our campus will be a leading example of how a modern, world-class university transformed its physical surroundings to create an integrated learning community where:

  • Scholars, students and the public intermingle.
  • Local, national and international organisations collaborate with the University.
  • Different generations share a common commitment to lifelong learning.

From the moment people step onto our campus they will experience the benefits of this transformation. They will recognise a university committed to professional education, applied research, culture and activity.

The University and its partner will strive to create new knowledge, provide work-integrated learning opportunities for students, and develop solutions to real and important problems.

To learn more about the University's vision, read: The Educated Life: the UC Campus of the Future (PDF)

Being ready for how people will learn in the future

The transmission of knowledge is moving from the lecture theatre to the cloud; from books to apps. If universities don't evolve, they risk becoming largely research facilities, with students calling in occasionally.

UC's campus development vision focuses on ensuring our campus remains an indispensable part of the study experience. This will be achieved by increasing work-integrated learning opportunities for our students, to ensure they are industry ready when they enter the workforce.

Further, the creation of new model learning spaces will provide students with a platform from which to voice and defend their views, while also listening to the beliefs of others and expanding their knowledge.

Looking ahead to the kinds of research which will be funded

Universities undertake important research to solve some of the problems facing society. Governments and industry regularly fund these projects because of their ability to create economic activity. UC's campus development project aims to facilitate an environment and culture on campus where researchers and students can carry out applied research well into the future.

Differentiating ourselves within Canberra

UC has always tried to differentiate itself from the Australian National University and it will continue to do so through its focus on work-integrated education and applied research. These areas will be boosted by the campus development project.

By expanding our campus and forming partnerships with local, national and international organisations, students will have more opportunities to undertake practical work experience and gain employment right here at the University.

Remaining competitive

Higher education reforms since 2010 have introduced market forces into domestic recruitment, to sit alongside international market forces. The reforms favour well-established institutions. We need to offer a distinct and compelling experience to make us the university-of-choice for students, teachers and research academics.

To be sustainable

All successful universities benefit from additional revenue streams such as endowment funds and commercial activities. UC currently has no such streams in place. The campus development project will provide additional revenue streams that will enable the University to establish reserve funds for use during downtimes.

Building on our good fortune

UC is fortunate to have more land on campus than it will ever need for traditional education purposes (classrooms). Through the campus development project, the University will capitalise on this good fortune by opening up the campus to the world, welcoming and partnering with local, national and international organisations to enhance UC's campus experience.

Benefiting our communities

The community immediately surrounding UC will benefit thanks to the development of further health, sporting and cultural facilities. These facilities will add to the vibrancy of the area and will create a number of employment opportunities from which Canberrans will directly benefit from.

The University has three main projects under way:

  • The Health Precinct: An integration of health services for community use, student training and academic research;
  • An Innovation Initiative: An integration of national and international research, education and industry partners on the UC campus; and
  • The Campus Community: A 15-year project to mix broad scale innovative residential development into the campus structure.

The University's green spaces, student accommodation, campus culture and recreation and sports facilities will all be developed through additional projects.

Learn more at our precincts and projects here.

Planning for the campus development project began in 2007. Since then, the University has worked closely with the ACT Government, which has supported necessary legislative changes to make the project possible. The University has undertaken significant public consultation and continues to work with the community and seek feedback on all projects. A number of projects have already been completed, while many others are being planned and developed. The entire campus development project is expected to be completed by 2030.

The University is conscious of using the financial proceeds from the campus development project in a way that benefits the University in the long term as well as supporting its mission. It is also aware that the benefits must be enjoyed for generations to come.

The University's governing body, the Council, has approved in principle a proposal for the financial proceeds generated by the project to be used in the following ways:

  • Funding the research priorities of the University and improving its world ranking. A strong world-ranking will make UC more attractive to students both domestically and internationally.
  • Building an endowment fund to support the University's educational endeavours.
  • Strategic investment to assist in the recovery of debt, invest in specific initiatives, and to increase the endowment fund. Special consideration will be given to the balance between risk and reward.

The following measures will be taken to achieve the aforementioned aims:

  • Initially, funds will be invested into the University's research activities, particularly the ones that will generate future income.
  • An endowment fund will be created within the existing University of Canberra Foundation. It will be used to create more scholarships for disadvantaged and meritorious students.
  • A separate strategic reserve fund will be created and drawn on when required. The fund will be replenished, when possible, using surpluses.

These measures offer significant benefits to the University and the ACT economy, while also allowing UC to promote access to tertiary study for those who can least afford it.